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Rock Bottom Remainders

I will provide a photo later. I have a tee shirt with Autographs from the Rock Bottom Remainders. I know Dave Berry and Matt Groening are there and I want to say Stephen King signed it also. I would say about (if memory serves me) 6 autographs maybe more are on there. With those three above does anyone have a ballpark figure with regards to worth? I have no doubt they are authentic, and depending on the worth would dictate if I send it to PSA/DNA.

Thanks for your time, phot to come in the next day or so.


  • AknotAknot Posts: 1,196 ✭✭
    Ok finally after finding it Ive found it it has all 14 autos on it. Now I can only find a list of 15 people that were in the band per the website imageKing Site. Please see attached photo.

    I can ID:
    Stephen King
    Dave Barry
    Matt Groening
    Kathi Goldmark
    Ridley Pearson
    Roy Blount Jr.
    Amy Tam
    Barbara Kinsolver
    Dave Marsh

    So I guess first thing would be can anyone ID the other autos? I want to say this was signed pre 1998 as that is when I started working ion the Book business and it was given to me then. They had it in a closet and said here I know you collect things.

    Thanks all.

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