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> Can someone tell me how to determine the number of stamps needed to make a plate blck? I thought it was usually four but now checking my stamps, cataloges show 6 or 8. How is one to know? I've searched the internet but find no answer. image


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    Depends on the type of printing etc. On the earlier issues, flat plate issues are usually 6 stamps with the number in the selvedge of the middle stamp. Rotary press issues are usually 4 stamps with the # in the corner on the selvedge. Electrolytic plates can be more, like 8 or 10. The price inflated Brookman which is dealer oriented, lists several different orientations this allows sellers to quote a high retail price , regardless of if it's really collected in that configuration or not.
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    Thank you. Can you tell me where the plate # would be on an 8 or 10?
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    Depends, but usually towards the middle. You can check a Scott Stamp Catalog at your local library, especially if you know what specific stamps you are checking.
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    Thank you, again, for taking your time to answer my ?'s. image Do you recommend any web sites for current stamp info? I already check stampcollectinginformation.com, stamps.about.com, and stamps.org (also usps). I'm working my way thru this large collection (seems large to me) and trying to identify and evaluate. Got prices from Scott's cat. and from Mystic's offerings. I figure the actual value is somewhere in between.
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    Mystics prices are inflated so they can sell their own below average stamps for 20 to 30 percent more than the the Scott catalog values. Scott is more accurate but the prices are for stamps in "Very Fine" condition only. I'm not sure what a really good site is, guess it depends on what specific info you are looking for. Is it only plate blocks?
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    Try this site, should be very helpful : )

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    Thanks again for your answers. Mostly what I want at my fingertips is first day info.. I do my own FDC's and usually got my info from the BB at the local PO. They no longer post the 1st day of issue info and I haven't been able to find a website to provide it. If ANYONE can help out in this area, I'm listening.
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    KentuckyJKentuckyJ Posts: 1,871 ✭✭✭

    You might want to consider a subscription to the weekly Linn's Stamp News. I think they carry the info you're looking for.

    Linn's Stamp News

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    Thank you.......
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