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Does anyone know a source for SAFE brand stockcards, that is the the one pocket, one protective flap ,plastic type? Subway has some but I think they are either 2 pocket and/or the black paper-board type. Why are these so hard to locate and purchase? Steve Crippe had them for a while and now he doesn't carry them either. I rarely to never see them on Ebay even. Anyone here have any they'd like to sell or trade for anything(even used are fine)? Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Edueku, im not sure exactly which u are after.But theres a New Zealand CO,that will be able to help you & they online as well. www.stampcollecta.com & with the dollar exchange good for you,it
    could be worth a look.If they dont have them they might be able to help you.
    Good luck in yr Hunt.
  • I bought mine from Safeway at the Stampshow in Portland last year. They have the plastic backing. Contact them and ask what kinds they carry.

    Rolin Lewis
  • Great thanks guys I will check out both : )
  • Boy did I blow it. It was not Safeway at Stampshow. It was Subway.

  • Ok then Subway does have them I guess.
  • Several years ago, PSE sold the Safe 841-sp black plastic stock cards and the white labels used for submitting stamps for expertizing. You might drop them an email or phone them. When you contact Subway, you would be looking for the 841-sp equivalent. I did a google search and no reasonable results.

  • We get our stockcards, which are exactly what you are looking for, from brooklyngallery.com. Below is a direct link to the brooklyngallery.com ordering page for this product. It shows the product description, product code number, price, etc. for these stockcards. (Note that Brooklyn Gallery calls the product "approval cards" instead of "stockcards" but it's the same thing.) Hope this helps all of you.


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  • Just saw your post, many thanks!
  • Gotta remember to buy those !!!!!!
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