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Well here goes! Anybody around here interested in trading?

Haven't come here in a while but the last couple had some nice trades with folks. I am trying to re-invigorate my interests in stamps. Have become completely disgusted with chasing after usual new US issues so I'm taking a new direction. I went through my duplicates yesterday and am starting up a topical collection of flora/fauna. Was wondering if anyone here has any WW stamps lying around featuring animals or plants. Country can be pretty much anywhere as long as they picture those things. In return I have a box of used US from 3 cents up to 37 centers to offer. I also have a bunch of used WW stamps, heavy in Australia or some British Machin duplicates I had. If anybody is interested email me at jleverin@comcast or reply here and I'll write you back and we can arrange something.


  • ColinCMRColinCMR Posts: 1,482 ✭✭✭
    hey i'd be up for some trading
  • Hi,

    I'm interested in trading. I've got some W/W used (many different countries) So when I get a chance, I can look trough them for ones with plants and/or animals. I'd be interested in the USA stamps you have. I might also be interested in some of the Machins. I'd also be intested if you have any early W/W Air Mail stamps.
    We've communicated/traded before so you still might have my e-mail address.

    Kind Regards,

    Dave Norris
    Now in North Dakota, USA
  • yes!

    I am seeking southeast asia pre 1960 (china pre 1985)
    & abu dahbi.

    I have sheets, blocks,etc from many countries, subjects

    We deal with Chinese, Middle Eastern and Russian antiquities and collectables! Please welcome to check out our Gallery at 189 S. Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills, CA, 90212

    My direct number is 512-808-3197 Raul
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