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Woof! Wanted it. Got it for a song.

coinpicturescoinpictures Posts: 5,345 ✭✭✭
Thought I would have some real competition from my archnemesis on eBay for
this one. He must have missed it, as no one bid against me. Got it for less than
10% of my max bid. I love when that happens... even though it happens so rarely. image

There's nothing worse than having a competitor that specializes in the same thing
you do... that has unlimited funds. image

Not a rare stamp, but exceptional cancel!



  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    Nice. Congrats on getting it with no competition. You should have bought a lottery ticket that day.
  • StampAlarmStampAlarm Posts: 1,668
    And a wow. I collect old checks from breweries with documentaries. It's hard to find one with the stamp placed just right much less decent cancel.
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