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Indypex 2008... found one of my holy grails!!

coinpicturescoinpictures Posts: 5,345 ✭✭✭
Went to my first show in a "big city" today. Made the 2-hour drive to Indianapolis, IN for day 1 of Indypex. Oh my... what a difference compared to the local podunk show.

There were only about 32 dealers there, but some of them had GORGEOUS inventory. I had a budget of $1K for the show, ended up spending $3.5K (damn dealers that take credit cards!!) and could have easily spent $10K.

I'm only collecting 1st-3rd series U.S. revenues these days, and have gotten to the point that the only holes I still need to fill are expensive ones. In addition to filling holes, I'm always on the lookout for 1st series revenues (R1-R102) with nice socked-on-the-nose printed and handstamped cancels.

There was a time you could cherrypick nice examples from dealer stock, but just about all the dealers (except a few backwoods dealers) have caught on, and frustratingly, are now rushing to the other end of the spectrum... anything with a handstamped cancel is priced above Scott, even if the cancel is blurry or partial, or the stamp itself is subpar. Annoying really.

That being said, I did buy a large number of cancelled pieces for my photo gallery.

My heart skipped a beat though, when I found the stamp below. It's one I've been after for a LONG time. Finding examples even close to affordable is nigh unto impossible, but I hadn't want to settle for a marginal-looking specimen. It's Scott R77a. With the SCV now at $6,500, I'd despaired at ever owning a nice example. This example is not sound (repaired corner at lower right), *BUT* otherwise has museum-quality eye appeal, in my opinion. Huge XF margins, bright color, and a gorgeous blue SON handstamped cancel.

Getting one with a handstamped cancel is a bonus to me; fits perfectly with my collecting focus.

At 26% of Scott, I'm thrilled, despite the flaw. I could have easily paid double for a sound but marginal-appearing example. This one is great eye candy.

I thought the stamp looked familiar... and it is. It's lot #195 from the 1979 John W. Kaufmann Auction #58.

Next step: send in to PSE for a cert. Not worried though, the seller guaranteed the stamp, and he's an officer in the ARA, so I know where to find him. *grin*

An expensive day, but an immensely enjoyable one!!



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