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Anyone trying the set from Topps?

Hello. I pulled this card a while back and was just wondering if anyone is putting this set together or even if it is getting any creditability in this market. I have posted a scan of the card here just in case anyone was wondering. Thanks for your opinions.

Looking for pre-1985 OPC baseball and pre-1980 Topps baseball.


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    Hi beind19. I think you have the wrong forum.

  • Correct forum
  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    That is pretty interesting that Topps is getting into the stamp hobby even if its for some kind of promotion. Its the first I have seen this and not sure of the "collectibility" of these. The stamp by itself is valued about $0.10 and to most collectors, just face value; but it is up to supply and demand to determine the value of it.
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    Are these trading (stamp) cards from Topps? Never saw them before. But then, I don't pay attention to that area. image
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    Not sure about recent stamps from topps......but they did issue a complete set of stamps that were in the card packs in the years 1961 and 1962. there were 2 stamps together. Not sure about any other years...and I think they might have issued an album for them. They are listed in the beckett big book.
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  • Kinda cool just for fun and not value oriented collecting.
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    Searched eBay for "Topps stamps" got some hits. Most are pretty ugly stamps in the "card". You would of thought they would of tried to make them look good. But then again they are card people.

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