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Reversing "Oxidation"

I've been told that oxidized ink colors on at least some stamps (particularly orange inks - like 1898 4 cent trans-mississippi) can be restored by soaking them in 3% aqueous hydrogen peroxide. Are there any ill effects to doing this? Also, might this work with a rose-pink 3 cent 1861 issue? I have one with a PF certificate stating that it is "slighly oxidized"

The same stamp (link below) was previously certified by PSE as a regular scott 65 rose. I may resubmit to see if they will agree with the PF.

"Slightly Oxidized" 3-cent 1861



  • coverscovers Posts: 624
    Matt - Don't mess with it. It looks soiled at top right rather than oxidized. Anyhow, it probably started life in the rose pink range and the color has deteriorated to a rose now. Any treatment will make it look more like a rose.
    Richard Frajola
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