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PSE encapsulating policy on errors/varieties

I was thinking about sending a few Scott-listed errors and variety in to be slabbed, but after looking at the submission form, it says encapsulated(non-specialized). Looking at their services, specialized includes errors and varieties among other things. I have seen the "high flyer" airmail encapsulated, even by a member here and it was graded and the variety notated on the slab. I have one of the Kans/Nebr issues with the "no period" which is denoted on the graded slab. I purchased it already graded/id'd. I have another denom of the "no period" and would like it in plastic as well as 2 other errors (missing colors). I know the "no period" varieties are not worth much, but since one is in plastic, I figured might as well get the other one in too. Besides, it give me confidence that they are at least valid overprints in which there are so many fakes of the Kans/Nebr issues out there. The errors on the other hand do cat for more.

Do I submit under regular service to get these graded/encapsulated or is this something they no longer do? I'm confused by their wording yet see variety issues encapsulated. Thanks.


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