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Another YN Giveaway. Sign up here! WINNERS POSTED IN FIRST POST!

Someone on these boards once told me to pay it forward whenever I could. I have been feeling generous lately, so I am having another giveaway.

This time you do not have to be a YN yourself, but you must give the prize to a YN or any youth. It can be someone in your family or just the neighbor kid! Maybe get a youth started in coin collecting! I have no way of checking if you actually do give it to a YN, so I will take your word for it. image

We will have 2 winners. The winners can choose from either a group of (7) Buffalo Nickels in 2x2s, all have dates. Or a group of (9) Indian Head Cents in 2x2s.

Once again my YN at home here will determine the winner by picking the names out of a hat.

Also, there will be a instant prize of a deeply blue toned 1961 Jefferson, for the person that can correctly tell me what coin this picture is. This must also be given to a YN.

Giveaway ends when I feel like it.image

This giveaway is over and the first winner is Bochiman! You get your choice of the prizes and the next winner gets the remaining prize.

The next winner is AskRaq! You get the remaining prize!

Please PM your adresses! Keep checking back on the giveaway forum, as I know there will be more YN giveaways in the near future!

Bochiman chose the Buffalos and AskRaq gets the Indians. Prizes shipped 4/14/08 to winners.




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