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Graf Zeps - Highest Graded Registry Set Sale

The Highest PSE Graded Graf Zeppelin Set [which includes the Ex. Scarsdale C15], has a new owner. Details of the $100,000+ transaction can be read here
Steve Crippe
Managing Director - Rare Stamp Department
Heritage Auctions


  • And DOOM to all the DOOM and gloomers.
  • lol...I read some of the posts on Richard's board that were claiming a possible slide in market value for graded stamps as well. I think the Graf Zeps are safe for now image . Very interesting board though. I think there might be some truth though to the whole supply VS. demand theory. More and more collectors are going to come around to having their stamps graded, which can only mean stalled prices for some issues, if not declines. I think some Scott issues, mostly post 700, are already having a significant correction. Probably the finer grades(98, 100) will retain their value and most of the 19th century stuff as well. There are a couple dealers in town where I live and when I questioned one of them about PSE, he thought it was a waste of money to have stamps graded. Neither sell graded stamps nor do they have any graded. They don't think this whole "grading thing" holds much water. I was actually shocked by this, because it seems if your not on the "stamp grading bandwagon" your going to be left in the "dust". This is likely true for many older dealers and collectors who think that grading is only for the elite collectors. This can mean good deals for some of the rest of us though image that are riding this "grading wave". Anyway I digress..just wanted to say that grading is the only way to go in my opinion, but it has yet to catch on with everyone in the stamp community.
  • LouisCampLouisCamp Posts: 468 ✭✭✭
    I remember when PCGS started grading coins....same type of thing going on with stamps. The first few of a grade went for moon money, as more were graded prices fell to where they should be. I mean a common 3c commem graded 100 is not worth $100.00 or more. As more appear the market will fall, not for the Zeps, not like the common material as there is a limited grading pool of candidates, but if more show, prices will slide.

    My 2 cents....

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