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Shipping & Logistics service for collectors

Dear Collectors,

Hello I am Joris and I study international media and entertainment management.
We are asked to come up with a advertisment campaign for a product or service.

But why this topic?
We have chosen to make an advertisment campaign for a special transport service for collectables.
This service for example can be used as an extra for auction sites, to ensure the package will be
transported in the best and safest way possible.

That is why we would like to ask you if you want to help us. And it only costs a small amount of time.

To define our target group better we would like to ask you some questions:
1. What is the most important thing that comes to your mind when you think about your collection?
2. How do you buy your collectables, and what is the process? (do you buy mostly online?, do you
go and pickup you collectables yourself or sent them via the mail?, etc.)
3. What are the most important requirments for the transportation of the collectables you buy?
4. what kind of commercial/advertisments do you like?
5. Do you like to see funny or more serious commercials/advertisments?)

These are the questions we wanted to ask, I hope they are clear.

Thank you for your time!

Kind regards,
Joris Niessen


  • What is the name of your company?
  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    It sounds like a school student working on a project.

    To answer some of the OP's questions:
    1. Safe storage
    2. Usually do ftf transactions.
    3. As long as its shipped safe and secure, I don't care on the transportation method.
    4. Depends on several factors.
    5. Same as #4. A funny commercial for a funeral service would be tacky, but funny beer commercials are in line.
  • Well no info coming back here huh?
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