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new member. Looking for guidance

I have a collection of stamps inherited from my Dad.
I am emotionally attached to them but they take up a lot of space and serve no purpose in my life.
They are in storage off premise in a high security condo building but can get to them quickly.

I would like to sell some and buy a second home. There is a local library with research room and Scotts catalogs.

Plate blocks, sheets, old, new, unused, also 4 X 6 envelopes for small business in color from late 1800s. stamps, postmarked and written with fountain pen or Quill.

I have one album I believe complete of US stamps early 1900s.

Any thoughts?

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  • coverscovers Posts: 624
    coinspeak - You could spend a month full time staring at catalogs and end up having no idea what the stamps are worth, or how best to sell them. Depending on where you live (or how much travelling you wish to do), I can probably recommend a reliable auction company to give you an appraisal without cost (if you bring to them, they will usually do it for free while you wait). Then, you can determine if worthwhile to ask for additional opionions or seek additional advice. Where do you live? You can email me if you wish.
    Richard Frajola
  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    Can you post some pics of the items you think are the most valuable? Often one can tell some about a collection by just looking at some of it. Besides what Richard mentioned, you can also stop by several stamp shops and the dealers can usually give you a rough estimate. Depending on size, they may be able to do it while you wait.
  • Yes send post some scans.
  • StampAlarmStampAlarm Posts: 1,668
    I'd like to see the whole collection. Sounds like some neat stuff just
    to look through too.

  • Saw you reply to Coinspeak. Have similar story. My DAd workedfor Post Office and bought plate blockof 4 of almost every US stamp issued from mid 30'stp mid 70's. Also has older stamps, some hinged....I live in a suburb west of Cleveland, Ohio. Please recommed free appraiser in area.

    Many of the plate blocks have curled in the wax envelopes they are stored in. Any suggestions how to flatten without damaging?
    Also, some have stuck toinside od envelope...will steam safely free them? Other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Mostly only good for postage for mailing unless very rare/valuable etc.
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