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My recent PSE submission results.

Hey someone post a link, order# 20161734 Submission# 1070103. I assume this would be with shared orders(I have all of mine ticked to be shared)
A few questionable grades and a few nice ones.


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    I don't believe anyone can access the shared orders yet, atleast I can't. If you copy(ctrl+C) the link and then hit "http" in the reply you can paste(ctrl+V) the link in that window, be sure not to include "http//" twice and then enter in a word(hyperlink) to be assosciated with the link. We should be able to see it then. I'm interested to see what you got. Good luck with the link!!
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    I'm too inept for that, I need a computer class. www.psestamp.com/membership/order.html?OrderNo=20161734
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    Nope...that didn't work either. How about just copying(ctrl+C) the entire page that has your grades and just pasting(ctrl+V) them right in your reply, just like you normally would reply to a thread. I'M WAITING!!..lol just kidding.
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    Fax : 949.567.1173Order #20161734 / Submission #1070103
    Line # Item # Cert # Spec # Grade Scott # Issued Denom. Variety Country
    1 1 01164623 101069 XF-Sup 95J, Mint OGnh 632 1927 1c US
    2 1 01164625 100892 XF 90, Used 514 1917 15c US
    2 2 01164624 100892 XF 90, Used 514 1917 15c US
    3 1 01164626 101156 XF 90, Mint OGnh 698 1931 20c rotary US
    4 1 01164627 100912 XF-Sup 95, Used 527 1918 2c type V US
    5 1 01164628 101144 XF-Sup 95, Mint OGnh 687 1930 4c coil US
    6 1 01164629 101045 VF 80, Used 611 1923 2c US
    7 1 01164630 100934 XF-Sup 95, Mint OGnh 534A 1918 2c imperf, type VI US
    8 1 01164631 130001 Superb 98, Mint OGnh E19 1951 20c US
    8 2 01164632 130001 XF-Sup 95, Mint OGnh E19 1951 20c US
    9 1 01164633 501234 Superb 98, Mint OGnh 950 1947 3c Utah US
    10 1 01164634 501234 Superb 98, Mint OGnh 950 1947 3c Utah US
    11 1 01164635 300088 XF-Sup 95, Mint OGnh 776 1936 3c Texas Centennial US
    12 1 01164636 300085 Superb 98, Mint OGnh 773 1935 3c California Pacific US
    13 1 01164637 101009 Gem 100, Used 577 1923 2c imperf US
    14 1 01164638 101143 Superb 98, Mint OGnh 686 1930 1 1/2c coil US
    15 1 01164639 101019 Superb 98, Mint OGnh 585 1925 4c rotary US
    16 1 01164640 101141 VF-XF 85J, Mint OGnh 684 1930 1 1/2c US
    17 1 01164641 101043 XF 90J, Mint OGnh 610 1923 2c US
    18 1 01164642 101174 Superb 98J, Mint OGph 725 1932 3c Daniel Webster US

    Total Items: 20

    Date Received: 1/29/2008

    Date Shipped: 2/25/2008

    Order Status: Shipped

    I really question the grades on the one of the #514's and the #698, take a look at the stamps for yourself with cert verification.

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    Nice grades!! That 585 is pretty sweet. I didn't look at all of them, but I did look at the ones you mentioned. I think the later 514 could have easily been a 98. I think there is a fine line between a stamp being a 85 or a 95, just as there is a fine line between 90's and 98's. Same goes for the 698. I guess they thought the top margin was just a hair wider than the left and right. Close to a 95 though. I've seen worse get graded higher. Nice stamps though, congrats!
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    Yeah not too bad. The 698 should have been a 95 or at least a 90 jumbo (look at some of the 95's and 98's awarded for others from this tiny margin rotary issue) One of the #514's I expected a 90 on but the other I thought was surely a 95. The 686 98 is a line pair so it's hard to do much better on that. The rest were bout what I expected. Most 98's I ever got on one submission even if some are common stamps. Well anyway gotta go to bed, sucks working third shift sometimes.
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    dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    Nice job. Concerning the two that you thought would grade better, have you ever resubmitted raw and see if it comes back different. I know this is pretty common with coins. Also the rumor if you get a large submitter to send in, you will get higher grades, but I haven't had that luxury to test that theory out.
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    Doug, it gets kind of expensive to do that unless the stamps in question have alot of value. The 585 is from that block I broke up some time ago, it made up for the other lower grades.
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