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Plate blocks, sold raw or with Cert / graded?

After the little bit of experience I have been gaining selling the PSE stamps recently,
in going thru the stamps that need to be sold, there are a bunch of plate blocks,
from the late 1800's thru the 1940's

Would it be better to just sell them raw,
or to have them done with a cert?
Or get them graded?

Some of the stamps that I have been selling encapsulated, were originally plate blocks that were pulled apart.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

I am also putting up another batch of PSE stamps, the first 50-60 are nice stamps, the last 20 are fabulous.
The last batch will probably not get up until Tuesday or so.



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    Post some scans of the 1800's or early 20th century blocks. I wouldn't break up anything this time. Some of the blocks you broke up previously might have been more valuable intact than as single low graded stamps. We would be interested to see your blocks. As far as 30's to 40's stamps 98's are not even commanding super prices like a while back so some of those might be better sold raw(cost wise) If you have any used blocks I would be interested to see those.
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    I put in a couple bids : )
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    That is always appreciated.

    I will be listing a few more PSE stamps today.
    And I should be getting another group of about 20 first of the week,
    and then some plate blocks, that I am going to put up raw. Some really nice ones.

    I found out that my consignor has probably thousands of plate blocks, so I might be doing this for quite awhile. :-)
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    Cool I'll keep an eye out.
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