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Email Doug about anything or anyone you're looking for an autograph from.

Visit www.dougsqccollectibles.com for all of your collectible needs. Doug is one of the worlds leading experts in music collectibles, especially records. He is a long time collector and seller of advertisements, beer and softdrink collectibles, books, ephemera, one of a kind items, photographs, picture sleeves, postcards, sheet music, sports, stereoviews, toys and yearbooks. The site is in it's infancy so please email Doug if you're looking for anything at all. The site currently has about 10 items listed with over 200,000 to go. Check back often for daily updates, or email if you are looking for anything in particular.


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    CubbyCubby Posts: 2,096
    Tried the site, did not come up. "The site is in it's infancy."
    Guess so.

    BTW: Cubby=Cub Fan
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    I went to a high school basketball tournament a few years ago and got some marquee autographs and I want to get them authenticated... any idea of who I can use to get them authenticated.

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