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Nateral gum creases

What does nateral gum creases do to stamp value. I am watching another block of stamps on eBay. The seller states NGCs in the sale. There is no picture of the back of the stamps. Thanks,Ray


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    Hard to say without knowing the issue, but it only detracts slightly. Many issues are known for natural gum creases. A common example is C18. One without would be more than one with. There are really no rules on natural "defects" such as gum creases, inclusions, straight edges, etc..., but they do have an effect on value. A straight edge devalues a stamp more than a gum crease, but there is no percentage of cat value to go by. If its a common issue, one without these "flaws" would be easy to find and purchase. Guess it boils down to how particular you want your collection to be.
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    I'm no expert either, but if your looking to have it graded to turn a profit, the defect will probably be noted on the opinion. If the seller notices it, you're sure someone at PSE certainly will. I've had gum skips, bends and creases noted on opinions that I couldn't see visibly. You probably will not get a premium on most issues with a noted fault like the one you explained. I might be way off, but thats just my short lived experience trying to resell stamps with faults. Best of luck.
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    Gum CREASES ALWAYS lower the grade(3rd party i.e. PSE) or value of a stamp, but gum BENDS may or may not lower the grade depending on severity(bends do not show in fluid, creases almost always do from a minor to severe degree). Many issues are plagued with creases and bends, but it would be worth it to you to wait until you find an example that does not have gum defects/flaws(You'll thank yourself later)
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