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Stamp I bought on Ebay YOU GRADE #621

Well I can never post a link (just too inept I guess) But anyway I used "Buy It Now" on ebay # 190195839240(you should be able to search it, though completed). You can click to enlarge the photo of the two blocks, take a look at the bottom right-handstamp on the5 cent block....WOW. I dare say if sound maybe a 100 (at least a 98) especially with the perfect neat non-obscuring cancel. What do you think?


  • Thanks for the link
    What do you think
  • coinpicturescoinpictures Posts: 5,345 ✭✭✭
    That 5-cent block is exceptional!!!

  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    There's a couple of mint 95s and a mint 98 of #621 on ebay now and that lower right copy looks better than the 98.
  • Doug...
    Yeah I hadn't even compared it to any others but thought it had extraordinary centering(even the top right stamp isn't too shabby) I'm just crossing my fingers that doesn't have any flaws, looks pretty clean though. I would say at (VERY) worst a 95, that is without flaws. And thanks for the photos coinpictures.
  • The 5 cent is really nice. The 2 cent is nice with the color but tight to the left.
  • I've looked at the 5c block many times and it is indeed nicely centered. For some reason I'm drawn to the right side margin on the lower right stamp, I think in most part to the top margin. I think the top right stamp has a better shot at 100, but both are worth sending in IMO. I never can tell with blocks though. I always have to cover the other stamps up when I'm looking online. You'll have to let us know what they come back as Zac. Good luck with the grades!!
  • Actually I'm pretty good at looking at multiples as I have submitted several stamps from blocks.I made a copy of the block with my printer and blocked off the other stamps, probably not a 100 but surely a 95 if not a 98(with no faults of course) The left and right margins are actually equal, but you have to invert the stamp to see it, both margins lean slightly due to the perforating process which gives the illusion of one margin being significantly smaller than the other, if one of the margins is bigger it's almost immeasurable. Of course the top and bottom margins are a bit larger so it's not perfectly centered. Look at the bottom left stamp, can you imagine if it's right margin was equal to the others? I imagine that would've been a 100J for sure. I think the top right stamp is decent but has smaller margins(90-95?) might send it anyway when I get a closer look.
  • Just for comparison, here's another used 621 I recently got back that graded 98.


  • Nice light cancel on that one too, nice stamp.
  • Well just got the block(s) this morning, look good so far, no faults that I can see. Will dip and check tommorrow.
  • Well it took me over a year to submit these but the top right #621 5c graded 95 and the bottom right example graded 98. Not bad I think, good things come to those who wait.
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