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First day covers - 1934 to 1937

I have a book that contains 98 first day covers, dated from 1934 to 1937. What sort of value do these typically have? Any special ones to look for? I saw some from Hawaii and the Phillipines in there.

They are in an ebay auction I am running now for a big lot of stamps, but I didn't even take a picture of this one book. Didn't know what it was...


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    I tried to sell abunch of these recently on eBay. You can look up the prices in the Brookman, but all I ever got was about 25% except for the Zepplines. They sold for about 85% of book. Do you have any Zepplins?
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    It depends on condition, cachet, issue etc. There are some decent FDC's from the 30's with decent value. I think Scott still issues the "US First Day Cover Catalogue & Checklist. It gives info on values, cachet makers etc. You could always put some scans up of some you think might have some value.
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    You maybe able to cross collect for selling also. Do you have the Baseball Cooperstown? A baseball
    entusiast or baseball card collector maybe interested.

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