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Plate Numbers???

Hello all. Long time reader, first time poster. I'm curious if anybody knows of a good website to get information on plate numbers associated with certain scott issues. Mainly the First Bureau Issues is what I'm after. I'm trying to verify a stamps watermark, but don't physically have access to the stamp. Thanks for all your help!


  • What about the Durland guide/catalog. I used to have an old one but have misplaced it recently. I used it to buy many mis-identified plate blocks on ebay. I have been a long time collector of 279B and 267 varieties etc., but don't know if I can be of any help with what you are trying to identify(?)
  • Try this llnk. It talks about the Fist Bureau issues and has an additional link to Distinguish the Types of the Two Cent Triangles.

    owww...it also says this. Are these what your trying to identify?

    "The first watermark that appeared on U.S. stamps was the "double-line" USIR, for "United States Internal Revenue". This watermark was placed on paper stock used to make revenue and documentary stamps. It is included here because at least three issues of United States postage stamps were inadvertently printed on the USIR watermarked stock: The 6¢ and 8¢ stamps of the First Bureau Issues of 1895, Scott's 271a and 272a respectively, and the $1 Prexie stamp of 1938, Scott 832b."

    Edited to add After seeing how many millions and billions of stamps that were printed they certainly do seem like worthless paper unless you got an error stamp and that's only good for the ones that find the errors.
    I've suddenly lost interest.
  • Thank you for your replies. I'll keep searching though.
  • What specific info are you looking for? I know that not all First Bureau Issue are identifiable as to watermark(or not) by Plate # alone. I have some examples of the newly listed(2007?) Sc# 279Be (with the vertical WM error) on cover (I use a Morley bright detector for stamps on cover) Also I have discovered many(about half) of the Earliest Documented Uses of the 1895 issue (264-278) currently listed in the Scott catalog. Anyway you have me intrigued as to what you are trying to figure out exactly....
  • I'm trying to distinguish between Scott 247 and 264 by plate number(122). I think those are the right Scott numbers for the 1c First Bureau Issues i'm trying to differ between. It's ironic you mentioned you collect 267/279's. I just sent a couple of used 267's to PSE and wasn't for sure if that was a correct identification. I would go back and forth..its a 267..no its a 279....no i'm sure its a 267 this time. PSE can figure this one out for me. One 267/279 is near GEM the other isn't so great but the colors are different and for $25 I want to know what it is. Even if I try to correctly identify each stamp it still takes 35+ days before they are sent back. I noticed on the new invoices it says Regular turnaround is 40 days...so its just like before...right?LOL....o.k..i digress.
  • If you want a definitive answer you should check out Richard Frajola's Bulletin Board. There are so many experts there you are bound to get a quick answer about identifying by plate #.
  • Oh yeah 267's are always type III and 279B's are always Type IV regardless of color.
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