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jfoot13jfoot13 Posts: 2,669 ✭✭✭
these are both the same coin... I got so tired of not being able to contribute photos here I went out and bought a copy stand and one of those little white tenty things... after filling a 2 gig sd card this is the best photo I got.. most of them look like I shot them through red cellophane aggggg pass the pepcid ac
can anyone suggest something other than I don't take their family portraits


If you can't swim you better stay in the boat.......


  • It looks like the lighting. I take crappy pics too but I'm learning. Keep practicing.
  • Hi jfoot13, I don't take pictures. It drove me up the wall trying to get a decent
    picture of a coin. Then I realized something. I have never been a picture person
    my whole life. Why would I expect to stick with a bunch of digital photo nonsense
    when I've never been a photography bug to begin with?

    I sent a few of my favorite coins to a board member to photo them for me. Also,
    have you tried scanning? The main problem people have with pictures on a forum
    is getting them to a host site and then recalling them. You obviously can do that.

    Here's a picture of a 1958 Franklin that Bob Goodman did for me.


  • jfoot13jfoot13 Posts: 2,669 ✭✭✭
    wow that is a beautiful coin... Didn't I read he was publishing a book? I'm the same way I never had the photo bug but in the BST aspect it sure helps having the capability to send an image. I did try working with stamps for a while but being color blind with all the color variations on the earlier stamps it got to be fustrating rather than fun so I strayed towards coins.. as far a scanning I did try it but I wasn't happy with the results.. BTW stamps do seem to work better with the scanner than coins, I assume it has something to do with the 2 vs 3 demensional aspect and light ... In any event I made a mistake posting this here and didn't know how to delete it.. I appologize for posting OT..
    thanks for you help
    If you can't swim you better stay in the boat.......
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