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Any value for these MNF 1st Day Issue items?

I don't deal with stamps at all (more of a sports card collector), but I did happen to pickup these three cancelled first day issue items commemorating the 20years that Monday Night Football has been on the air at the time. All three envelopes has a scanned/inkjet type image of the Pro Set football card of the announcers with the Monday Night Football cancellation and the date the game was played. On the back is the biography of the announcer and these were limited to only 25 being made (all three cards are numbered 5/25). I got them from the National Show in Anaheim around that same year it was created (don't have the exact date).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Probably would have some value to someone who collects sports items. I don't if there would be a way to put an exact value on them though. If you could get them autographed the value would definitely increase,but that's alot of work. Hope someone else can help...
  • Thaks for the reply. I was thinking the same (getting them autographed). That would be a nice touch to them.
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