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need to sell a ton of stamps in Houston

Well, not really a ton. Maybe 10 pounds or so. From what I've looked at, it looks like all US stuff, from the 1930's to the 1960's maybe. Grandpa's stash... The few I've bothered looking up don't seem to be worth much, but what do I know? (answer - ZERO!).

I've posted on this board once or twice, and the answer I got was to use them as postage. Frankly, the idea of licking a 70 year old stamp grosses me out bad, plus I would worry that the glue wouldn't stick and/or the post office would reject my letter because the stamp would be so unusual. Plus, I just don't send enough snail mail to warrant keeping this stuff around.

So is there anyone in Houston that might be a buyer of this stuff? Anyone have any names?

Thanks in advance.


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