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Royal PSE Screw-up Check this out Hilarious

Want to see something really funny? Go click on "cert verification" and type in cert # 01154406. This is a stamp from my submission I am waiting to receive. Well noone is perfect.


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    I had a similar one, only backwards:

    A "Used MNH stamp"
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    Hmmm... That looks like a decent 90 to me. I guess it is hard to tell from centering only though.
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    I thought it would have graded higher too. There may be an XMF there that is causing the grade drop.
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    I forgive them.

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    This might be an okay place to ask this. I have 2 used 3 cent large bank notes that have both been certified as Scott 207, although I'm quite sure one of them is incorrect and must be something else (184, 158, or 147), probably 184 as the paper seems to be soft.

    Here are the two:

    Cert 1075260 Correctly ID'd as Scott 207

    184 (?) Incorrectly ID'd as Scott 207 (?)

    I'd like to resend this in and get it corrected, assuming there really was a mistake made here. In 207, the outer frame line at the right of the central portrait defining the oval is supposed to be about half as wide, and there is supposed to be a short line cut under the "TS" of CENTS. I clearly see this in the 1075260 certificate image, but not the 1075262 image.

    I've got some additional reference images:

    Certified Scott 184

    Certified Scott 158

    Both of the above should include the wider frame line to the right of the central portrait, and should not include the short line cut under the "TS" of CENTS.

    What do you think? Is Cert 1075262 wrong? Are all the others correct? (the 158 almost looks like a 207 too!)

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    In my opinion, there is nothing in the scan that could be used to identify the stamp on cert ....2562 as a #207. I would resubmit but I am wondering if you will lose the grade of 90. The reason I wonder about the grade is the apparent slight slant of the bottom perf line. It appears to be narrower on the left side compared to the right side. Of course scans don't always display correctly and it could be an optical illusion.

    Rolin Lewis
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    Your #184, cert 01185837, is also an identified plate variety. It has a broken frame line on the top, above the "O" in postage. The error was the result of a damaged transfer roll. This variety is found on hard and soft paper. Is it Continental or American? Scott says that it is American if it is soft paper unless you can prove otherwise by dated cover or from an inscription.

    Rolin Lewis
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