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TRADE: My free PCGS gradings for YOUR free NGC gradings!

No, I'm not crazy. I need to have six (6) very sentimental coins graded (and multi-holdered) by NGC but I am not a member across the street. I have had coins graded and multi-holdered by NGC in the past thru the eBay deal that they offer. I am trying to avoid having to pay for these coins to be graded and thought that if someone has certificates that they would like to trade...let's do it.

I have 8 free PCGS grading vouchers right now...so if you have at least 6 NGC grading certs....PM and we'll see what we can work out. I know it's tricky figuring out who will submit them and where they will mail to (I know PCGS will only mail the coins that are graded back to my address)...but I am sure we can work all of that out! I am a very trustworthy person and have many forum references that I can provide as well. If I don't know you and we have not done business on the boards, please provide me with a reference or two.

I also have a post on the NGC board...so first come, first serve. Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend...


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