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i've only done baseball cards. just recently had a house built and u know how u go everything u have to organize.. found some stamps i picked up at an antique furniture auction maybe 20 years ago. they were being collected by the person i guess the item belonged to . don;t seem to be too professional, just in a simple collection book. looking on here the past couple days and watching the terms i can tell u that all of them are used. what i have identified is 18- scott 390/4- scott 406/10-scott 578/1-scott 134 or 206 ultramarine in color/2-scott 210 red brown/2-scott 332 carmine/ some that say one penny vs one cent.. a 1 1/2 cent with new york ny stamp in tiny letters. the rest i haven't been able to identify on the internet yet. any info would be appreciated. i do the psa baseball cards and not really sure what to say the overall grade of these would be for the better ones but i seen worse for sale on here at sites. any help i would appreciate. i have enough with keeping the baseball cards up and don't need more items to get graded.. what would u suggest ??


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    You could post photos of the better ones. I/we could give an opinion.
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    edueku, i took some pics of the stamps but it won't allow me to post here, files are too large and i can't seem to get them reduced anywhere on the program. i'll try to set a link to them or can always e-mail, thanks
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    I can't post photos yet either. But maybe if you use .jpg they will be small enough, but that's just aguess. Right now I can't even scan anything with my fickle scanner.
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