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New User, couple questions!

I inherited a sizable stamp collection many years ago from a relative.

I recently discovered that the collection includes several higher value stamps, which brings me to my question.

I have the following stamps, unused. They have been untouched since the 1950's, and appear to be in excellent condition.

Scott C13, C14, and C15 singles. All three are in individual glassine envelopes and all three have a hinge attached to the rear of the stamp.

Scott C13, C14, and C15 Vertical pairs of 2. All in individual glassine envelopes, Unhinged.

Scott C13, C14, and C15 Horizontal plate # blocks of 4. All in individual glassine envelopes, Unhinged.

Less significant but nonetheless...

Scott C18 Bottom margin Plate # block of 10, unhinged, but the left and right side stamps have been folded in along the perforations.

Scott C18 Bottom margin Plate # block of 4, unhinged.

I have already contacted the folks at PSE reguarding getting the stamps graded and encapsuated (if possible).

What steps should be taken to protect these stamps from any sort of damage prior to being sent to PSE? (If any).
What precautions should I take prior to sending items such as these for grading?

Any advice is sincerely appreciated!


  • The American Philatelic Society (APS) has a very good web site that discusses preservation.


    You should find the information very helpful.

    Rolin Lewis
  • You might want to see if any are worth being graded as opposed to just having them authenticated as genuine etc. PSE doesn't grade blocks. They only grade singles and coil pairs. You should go to the PSE homepage and click on the photo grading area that shows examples of centering and the grade such centering is awarded. There really isn't much point in getting stamps graded unless it is going to receive a high grade(at least a 90+ except on newer issues) Of course the airmails you have would be worth it if they are completely without flaws and VERY well centered. A low grade on these might actually hurt the value you could sell for with compared to an ungraded cert. Try posting some pictures, we can give you an opinion on centering,condition etc.
  • Thank you very much for the advice.

    Here's some scans.
    (high res available.. Just remove the "thumb" from the image source.)
    (Also, rear scans available. just change the "front" to "rear".)
  • More scans..
  • And the block scans...
    (sorry if they're too big!)
  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    I would not spend the money on getting them graded. The centering does not look good enough for a high grade and since these are pretty common, an ungraded cert would not add that much value either. Does the collection have many of the pre-1900 issues? Some of the regular issues from that period are worth getting certified to identify any faults and the correct Scott number. If you do send them in, get some plastic approval cards. Then use some cardboard as extra backing and it should be pretty safe getting to PSE. You could also send them in the small Priority Mail boxes to lessen the chance of the PO bending it, but still put the stamp in a plastic approval card.
  • Dion - If you provide me with 300 dpi scans of the front and backs of the stamps you wish to sell, I can make you an offer that would probably be around what you would get on ebay - or suggest a good auction house or two. Certs really aren't needed.

    If you want to keep the stamps, I suggest a high quality stockbook.
    Richard Frajola
  • Here are links to the high resolution pictures. (Front and Back)
    65C Front
    65C Back
    130C Front
    130C Back
    260C Front
    260C Back

    65C Pair Front
    65C Pair Back
    130C Pair Front
    130C Pair Back
    260C Pair Front
    260C Pair Back

    65C block Front
    65C block Back
    130C block Front
    130C block Back
    260C block Front
    260C block Back

    I am interested in selling these, as I am obviously not a collector.. And would strongly prefer to see them preserved and enjoyed..
  • email me
    Richard Frajola

  • << <i>email me at covers@rfrajola.com >>

  • coinpicturescoinpictures Posts: 5,345 ✭✭✭
    Very nice. Those NH pairs are very attractive.
  • For the curious - I have suggested two good auctioneers close to Dion (as well as made a cash offer).
    Richard Frajola
  • I'd again like to thank you all for the assistance.
    It is pleasant to see there are still helpful/considerate people out there!

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