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I saw this on auction and has a PSE graded cert of VF80. Is this what a VF80 looks like especially with the close cut in the upper left? I know its a common stamp but the grade caught my eye. image


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    coinpicturescoinpictures Posts: 5,345 ✭✭✭
    I know that these are spaced very tightly on the sheet, and I know nothing from the standards that the TPGs use, but at first glance that does not look VF to me... too closely cut at the top left (possibly the bottom right as well).
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    It is usually difficult to tell certain items from a scan. The eye appeal to me is down a bit in the scan but then in person the color and impression may be a big plus that could bring it up to a VF80. Just a thought.

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    These issues are allowed tiny margins because the spacing between the stamps is/was so small. Had the corner been a little more intact maybe an 85? Also the stamp has a light even visually pleasing cansel this may have kept it from a 75 grade. I think in the case of this stamp it is probably an overall grade. I currently have the exact same Scott# that I submitted for a minimum 90 grade that has a super tiny crease that is almost undetectable. So I ended up with an ungraded cert for a 90 to 95 centered stamp. I will say I think these early imperforate issues are as bit tricky. Does the auction say thedate of the cert?
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    Actually because of the cancel I meant a higher grade...
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    dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    The stamp went for $20. It did not mention the date of the cert; only "it is genuine used, with a town cancel." GRADE: VF 80, used. Color listed as "Brownish carmine."
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