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    Tumblweed time again!

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    Ok, for sake of some discussion, here's a lot that I won on eBay that I didn't think I would win. I threw out a $320 snipe on a whim, figuring that it would be blown past. I ended up winning the lot for $215.

    Ebay Link

    I think part of the reason it didn't go higher is poor presentation on the part of the seller. I would have either put the terms and conditions first, or at the end. NEVER split the images. Many viewers probably stopped once they hit the payment information and auction terms, not realizing there were several more images (I initially started to back off the page, but figured I'd scroll down just in case; glad I did).

    Why bid on it? For the most part, everything in the auction is common as dirt.

    Check out the proprietary multiple in the second image. It's the scarcer green paper variety, cataloguing $60 per pair and $140 per block of 4. Yes, they're off center, so I'm not sure how much a block of 10 would sell for.

    That's the small one though. Scroll down to the last image. Same stamp, but a block of 28! Catalog value for 4 blocks + 2 pairs = $960, let alone any additional premium. I have researched online as much as I can, but I cannot find reference to a multiple that large (even the one in the Curtis census is this exact block from this exact eBay auction).

    This may in fact be the largest known multiple.

    At that point, all the other revenues included are simply bonus material.

    Moral of the story: *always* view the entire page of an auction description.
  • That's pretty cool. I think I actually saw this auction(I'm always scouring ebay) but I don't collect revenues(or know much about them). Though it did strike me that I don't usually see many large multiples . Looks like you got a good deal. Congrats! Well that kept the tumbleweeds rolling (or maybe kept them away?)
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    The lot arrived this afternoon. Very nice! The block of 28 is in very nice shape; the only separation is at the lower left where that hinge is peeking through. No gum, but that was expected. What's nice is that the block of 10 is full OG with 3 of the stamps NH. Incredibly unusual!

    There was an extra page of stamps not pictured in the auction. Nothing rare or valuable, but about a half dozen battleship revenues with nice precancels.

    Some extras in glassines, nothing special. And a stock card that held a nice surprise: A decent copy of PR4b (5c light blue, pelure paper). Some short perfs, as to be expected on these, but otherwise very presentable. SCV = $275. A very nice bonus.

    Overall I'm quite happy with the lot.
  • Always nice to get a good deal......
  • coinpicturescoinpictures Posts: 5,345 ✭✭✭
    Just did an impulse BIN on this one.

    Relatively common stamps, but fairly scarce precancels, with one of them inverted, and the box still sealed (no I'm not about to try the remedy after 134 years image ).

    Granted, the stamps are faulty, but as with much proprietary usage, not surprising. Can't be many examples still intact on unopened merchandise out there...

  • Someday if I ever figure out how to post a photo on here(not that I've really tried) I'll show you my old on cover booklet pane lot I won a few years back on ebay. There were 19 covers with full panes intact (minus the top tab) There were 4 #319's and and the other 15 covers are Washington-Franklin panes pre 1916. I paid about $180 for the whole lot and have been offered $2000 just for the 4 #319 covers. I have had other excellent ebay finds as well.
    Not bad huh?
    Lots of interesting revenues, would be hard to get bored with them.
  • OK I don't know how to post a link but if anyone is interested take a look at ebay# 230186202483, some high dollar items when compared to my final bid. Ignore the cut to shape items and look the other embossed postage up in the current Scott. There is even at least 5 or 6 bucks in unused postage.
  • coinpicturescoinpictures Posts: 5,345 ✭✭✭
    Very nice lot for dirt cheap. If you don't have a use for the cut squares, please let me know as I collect them....
  • I have a big lot of entires,and cut squares and a run of modern EFO's of U634, which is an entire batch or run of that # with all kinds of freaky color missing or misplaced images. There was actually an article in Linn's about my ebay buy on this lot. It was noticed and purchased by a postal employee and then his wife stuck it on ebay and I won it.
  • I'd love to be able to scan my stamps
    and post them. For some reasonI just don't get it.

    So, I just stopped trying. Too frustrating for me when
    something seems easy and I can't get it.

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    Linking pictures can be done in 2 ways:

    A. Uploading an image here when making a post, and then turning it into an embedded image.

    B. Linking to an image file stored on on an external web site (this is the method I use).

    I'll assume that you want to use method A because you don't have your own online storage for the image:

    1. Click on the "Attach File(s)" button that is immediately beneath the "Message Text" window when posting or replying. This will pop up a window with your picture repository on the board.

    2. Click on the "Browse" button to locate the picture file on your hard drive. Select the image and click "Open".

    3. Click on the "Upload File" link at the right of the window. Once the file uploads you will now see it in the list of images.

    4. To verify that the correct image uploaded, select it and click on the "View File" link at the bottom, which will pop open a new window with the image displayed in it.

    5. Right-click on the image and select "Properties" from the popup menu.

    6. This lists all of the specifications for the image. Find the entry that says "Address (URL):". To the right of it will be a long web address that starts with "http://forums.collectors.com/inc..." Highlight that text and press Ctrl + c on the keyboard to copy it to your clipboard.

    7. Close the windows to get back to where you are editing your message.

    8. Select the little picture frame from above the editing window. It will prompt you for the location of the image. Press Ctrl + v to paste in the address we saved from the image properties.

    That's it.

    Be aware that when you use the various buttons to add code to a message, it always sticks the code at the END of the message, so if it didn't put the code where you wanted it, simply move the code to where you want it.

  • I'm sorry but that sounds like a pain to post a picture, guess one just has to get used to doing it. You would think getting a simple picture onto a posted message would be a 2 or 3 step process, one of the reasons computers annoy me sometimes. I have a printer scanner that starts and stops working about every 2 weeks which I am about to take a sledge hammer to. I have had trouble with scanners and printers since my first PC in 2000. I'm on my 2nd computer and a my 6th or 7th printer!
  • coinpicturescoinpictures Posts: 5,345 ✭✭✭
    It sounds more complicated than it actually is; I just wanted to make sure that I explained everything clearly.
  • I will keep working on this,just wished my scanner worked. Pics saved on my computer are almost all too large. Almost got the one up but can't remember how to paste in URL etc. After 8 years you'd think I could do that....I need "Computer Professor" Ha Ha or get my Windows for Dummies book out. Just never had a great need to do this simple stuff and now I can't post pics oh well...
  • I just scan the picture and save it to photo bucket, then copy it to the thread.
  • I will have to try that one of these days....
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