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gum value question

How would you value a stamp that has a PSE graded cert that mentions Grade xxxx, Mint DOG, geniune unused, re-distributed OG. Since it is OG, do you use values for mint or regummed/no gum or in between? Thanks.


  • Depends on the issue or stamp, but somewhere approximately 20-25% BELOW the OG price in the SMQ.
    Steve Crippe
    Managing Director - Rare Stamp Department
    Heritage Auctions
  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    Thanks Steve.
  • I think I would pay even less. That's just my own opinion though.
  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    Thanks Zac. Yes, I would pay less too, but we both know value, buy price, and selling prices are 3 different animals. Appreciate the help from both of you. It gives me insight to an item and I just needed to know how to value that thing.
  • (speaking of OG)Doug I have 2 nice perfect NH stamps to sell if you are interested. A #526 with Plate# and clean PSE cert, and a 428 NH with Perfect gum. Any interest?
  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    Shoot me some pics/scans of your two stamps with asking price. You can also post them on a free photo site and post a link here instead of uploading pics to the CU site and see if others would be interested in the BST Stamp area. My email is dougwtx at msn dot com. Thanks.
  • Well just thought I'd post here for to make it clean......................
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