Anyone have any info on Topps 206 released in 2002?

Looks like a decent retro set. Were they released as regular sized base cards with parallel mini's like A&G? Is there a checklist out there anywhere? Thanks,


  • Taken from a Beckett annual.

    526 cards issued in three series:
    series 1: 1-180
    series 2: 181-307 with 96 variations
    series 3: 308-456 with 15 variations and 55 SP's

    Topps purchased over 4000 original T-206 cards and inserted them in packs, odds are
    series 1: 1:110
    series 2: 1:179
    series 3: 1:101

    Parallel sets (I think these are all minis), the difference is the back of the cards.
    "Carolina Brights" inserted in and parallel second series
    "Cycle" inserted in and parallel first series
    "Drum" inserted 1:3711 third series packs, contains five cards and has a print run of 20 sets
    "Lenox" inserted 1:7422 packs, contains 5 cards and has a print run of 10 sets
    "Piedmont Black" black ink on back and inserted in second series
    "Piedmont Red" red ink on back and inserted in second series
    "Polar Bear" inserted in 2 out of 3 packs, parallel the complete base set and inserted in each series
    "Sweet Caporal Black" black ink, third series
    "Sweet Caporal Blue" blue ink, third series
    "Sweet Caporal Red" red ink, third series
    "Tolstoi" first series
    "Tolstoi Red" red back, first series, print run of 25 sets
    "Uzit" third series

    Just a quick rundown, any questions, let me know and I'll see if I can help. I don't have a checklist other than the book in front of me.

  • Thanks for the info! I tried doing a couple of google searches and didn't come up with much. There doesn't seem to be too much on ebay either. Is there anything out there on the internet for reference?

    Also, anything on Topps 205?
  • I opened quite a bit of the Topps 206 Series 2 product. In fact, I believe I have a full set or two (of series 2) sitting in my collection. I enjoyed this product a lot because of the design and the overall value. It wasn't ridiculously expensive and along with jerseys and autos, I actually pulled 2 of the original buybacks. The set, itself, included veterans, prospects and reprints of the originals. The base set was standard sized based on modern product, but there was an insert set of the mini's sized like the originals. Numerous back variations on the mini set made it too cumbersome (and expensive) to try to collect those sets at the time. The Bazooka backs were limited to 25 hand numbered copies. Here is the full checklist, including variations:

    1 Vladimir Guerrero
    2 Sammy Sosa
    3 Garret Anderson
    4 Rafael Palmeiro
    5 Juan Gonzalez
    6 John Smoltz
    7 Mark Mulder
    8 Jon Lieber
    9 Greg Maddux
    10 Moises Alou
    11 Joe Randa
    12 Bobby Abreu
    13 Juan Pierre
    14 Kerry Wood
    15 Craig Biggio
    16 Curt Schilling
    17 Brian Jordan
    18 Edgardo Alfonzo
    19 Darren Dreifort
    20 Todd Helton
    21 Ramon Ortiz
    22 Ichiro Suzuki
    23 Jimmy Rollins
    24 Darin Erstad
    25 Shawn Green
    26 Tino Martinez
    27 Bret Boone
    28 Alfonso Soriano
    29 Chan Ho Park
    30 Roger Clemens
    31 Cliff Floyd
    32 Johnny Damon
    33 Frank Thomas
    34 Barry Bonds
    35 Luis Gonzalez
    36 Carlos Lee
    37 Roberto Alomar
    38 Carlos Delgado
    39 Nomar Garciaparra
    40 Jason Kendall
    41 Scott Rolen
    42 Tom Glavine
    43 Ryan Klesko
    44 Brian Giles
    45 Bud Smith
    46 Charles Nagy
    47 Tony Gwynn
    48 C.C. Sabathia
    49 Frank Catalanotto
    50 Jerry Hairston
    51 Jeromy Burnitz
    52 David Justice
    53 Bartolo Colon
    54 Andres Galarraga
    55 Jeff Weaver
    56 Terrence Long
    57 Tsuyoshi Shinjo
    58 Barry Zito
    59 Mariano Rivera
    60 John Olerud
    61 Randy Johnson
    62 Kenny Lofton
    63 Jermaine Dye
    64 Troy Glaus
    65 Larry Walker
    66 Hideo Nomo
    67 Mike Mussina
    68 Paul LoDuca
    69 Magglio Ordonez
    70 Paul O'Neill
    71 Sean Casey
    72 Lance Berkman
    73 Adam Dunn
    74 Aramis Ramirez
    75 Rafael Furcal
    76 Gary Sheffield
    77 Todd Hollandsworth
    78 Chipper Jones
    79 Bernie Williams
    80 Richard Hidalgo
    81 Eric Chavez
    82 Mike Piazza
    83 J.D. Drew
    84 Ken Griffey Jr.
    85 Joe Kennedy
    86 Joel Pineiro
    87 Josh Towers
    88 Andruw Jones
    89 Carlos Beltran
    90 Mike Cameron
    91 Albert Pujols
    92 Alex Rodriguez
    93 Omar Vizquel
    94 Juan Encarnacion
    95 Jeff Bagwell
    96 Jose Canseco
    97 Ben Sheets
    98 Mark Grace
    99 Mike Sweeney
    100 Mark McGwire
    101 Ivan Rodriguez
    102 Rich Aurilia
    103 Cristian Guzman
    104 Roy Oswalt
    105 Tim Hudson
    106 Brent Abernathy
    107 Mike Hampton
    108 Miguel Tejada
    109 Bobby Higginson
    110 Edgar Martinez
    111 Jorge Posada
    112 Jason Giambi Yankees
    113 Pedro Astacio
    114 Kazuhiro Sasaki
    115 Preston Wilson
    116 Jason Bere
    117 Mark Quinn
    118 Pokey Reese
    119 Derek Jeter
    120 Shannon Stewart
    121 Jeff Kent
    122 Jeremy Giambi
    123 Pat Burrell
    124 Jim Edmonds
    125 Mark Buehrle
    126 Kevin Brown
    127 Raul Mondesi
    128 Pedro Martinez
    129 Jim Thome
    130 Russ Ortiz
    131 Brandon Duckworth PROS
    132 Ryan Jamison PROS
    133 Brandon Inge PROS
    134 Felipe Lopez PROS
    135 Jason Lane PROS
    136 Forrest Johnson PROS RC
    137 Greg Nash PROS
    138 Covelli Crisp PROS
    139 Nick Neugebauer PROS
    140 Dustan Mohr PROS
    141 Freddy Sanchez FYP RC
    142 Justin Backsmeyer FYP RC
    143 Jorge Julio FYP
    144 Ryan Mottl FYP RC
    145 Chris Tritle FYP RC
    146 Noochie Varner FYP RC
    147 Brian Rogers FYP
    148 Michael Hill FYP RC
    149 Luis Pineda FYP
    150 Rich Thompson FYP RC
    151 Bill Hall FYP
    152 Juan Dominguez FYP RC
    153 Justin Woodrow FYP
    154 Nic Jackson FYP RC
    155 Laynce Nix FYP RC
    156 Hank Aaron RET
    157 Ernie Banks RET
    158 Johnny Bench RET
    159 George Brett RET
    160 Carlton Fisk RET
    161 Bob Gibson RET
    162 Reggie Jackson RET
    163 Don Mattingly RET
    164 Kirby Puckett RET
    165 Frank Robinson RET
    166 Nolan Ryan RET
    167 Tom Seaver RET
    168 Mike Schmidt RET
    169 Dave Winfield RET
    170 Carl Yastrzemski RET
    171 Frank Chance REP
    172 Ty Cobb REP
    173 Sam Crawford REP
    174 Johnny Evers REP
    175 John McGraw REP
    176 Eddie Plank REP
    177 Tris Speaker REP
    178 Joe Tinker REP
    179 H.Wagner Orange REP
    180 Cy Young REP
    181 Javier Vazquez
    182A Mark Mulder Green Jsy
    182B Mark Mulder White Jsy
    183A Roger Clemens Blue Jsy
    183B Roger Clemens Pinstripes
    184 Kazuhisa Ishii RC
    185 Roberto Alomar
    186 Lance Berkman
    187A Adam Dunn Arms Folded
    187B Adam Dunn w/Bat
    188A Aramis Ramirez w/Bat
    188B Aramis Ramirez w/o Bat
    189 Chuck Knoblauch
    190 Nomar Garciaparra
    191 Brad Penny
    192A Gary Sheffield w/Bat
    192B Gary Sheffield w/o Bat
    193 Alfonso Soriano
    194 Andruw Jones
    195A Randy Johnson Black Jsy
    195B Randy Johnson Purple Jsy
    196A Corey Patterson Blue Jsy
    196B Corey Patterson Pinstripes
    197 Milton Bradley
    198A J.Damon Blue Jsy/Cap
    198B J.Damon Blue Jsy/Hlmt
    198C J.Damon White Jsy
    199A Paul Lo Duca Blue Jsy
    199B Paul Lo Duca White Jsy
    200A Albert Pujols Red Jsy
    200B Albert Pujols Running
    200C Albert Pujols w/Bat
    201 Scott Rolen
    202A J.D. Drew Running
    202B J.D. Drew w/Bat
    202C J.D. Drew White Jsy
    203 Vladimir Guerrero
    204A Jason Giambi Blue Jsy
    204B Jason Giambi Grey Jsy
    204C Jason Giambi Pinstripes
    205A Moises Alou Grey Jsy
    205B Moises Alou Pinstripes
    206A Magglio Ordonez Signing
    206B Magglio Ordonez w/Bat
    207 Carlos Febles
    208 So Taguchi RC
    209A Rafael Palmeiro One Hand
    209B Rafael Palmeiro Two Hands
    210 David Wells
    211 Orlando Cabrera
    212 Sammy Sosa
    213 Armando Benitez
    214 Wes Helms
    215A Mariano Rivera Arms Folded
    215B Mariano Rivera Holding Ball
    216 Jimmy Rollins
    217 Matt Lawton
    218A Shawn Green w/Bat
    218B Shawn Green w/o Bat
    219A Bernie Williams w/Bat
    219B Bernie Williams w/o Bat
    220A Bret Boone Blue Jsy
    220B Bret Boone White Jsy
    221A Alex Rodriguez Blue Jsy
    221B Alex Rodriguez One Hand
    221C Alex Rodriguez Two Hands
    222 Roger Cedeno
    223 Marty Cordova
    224 Fred McGriff
    225A Chipper Jones Batting
    225B Chipper Jones Running
    226 Kerry Wood
    227A Larry Walker Grey Jsy
    227B Larry Walker Purple Jsy
    228 Robin Ventura
    229 Robert Fick
    230A Tino Martinez Black Glove
    230B Tino Martinez Throwing
    230C Tino Martinez w/Bat
    231 Ben Petrick
    232 Neifi Perez
    233 Pedro Martinez
    234A Brian Jordan Grey Jsy
    234B Brian Jordan White Jsy
    235 Freddy Garcia
    236A Derek Jeter Batting
    236B Derek Jeter Blue Jsy
    236C Derek Jeter Kneeling
    237 Ben Grieve
    238A Barry Bonds Black Jsy
    238B Barry Bonds w/Wrist Band
    238C B.Bonds w/o Wrist Band
    239 Luis Gonzalez
    240 Shane Halter
    241A Brian Giles Black Jsy
    241B Brian Giles Grey Jsy
    242 Bud Smith
    243 Richie Sexson
    244A Barry Zito Green Jsy
    244B Barry Zito White Jsy
    245 Eric Milton
    246A Ivan Rodriguez Blue Jsy
    246B Ivan Rodriguez Grey Jsy
    246C Ivan Rodriguez White Jsy
    247 Toby Hall
    248A Mike Piazza Black Jsy
    248B Mike Piazza Grey Jsy
    249 Ruben Sierra
    250A Tsuyoshi Shinjo Cap
    250B Tsuyoshi Shinjo Helmet
    251A Jermaine Dye Green Jsy
    251B Jermaine Dye White Jsy
    252 Roy Oswalt
    253 Todd Helton
    254 Adrian Beltre
    255 Doug Mientkiewicz
    256A Ichiro Suzuki Blue Jsy
    256B Ichiro Suzuki w/Bat
    256C Ichiro Suzuki White Jsy
    257A C.C. Sabathia Blue Jsy
    257B C.C. Sabathia White Jsy
    258 Paul Konerko
    259 Ken Griffey Jr.
    260A Jeromy Burnitz w/Bat
    260B Jeromy Burnitz w/o Bat
    261 Hank Blalock PROS
    262 Mark Prior PROS
    263 Josh Beckett PROS
    264 Carlos Pena PROS
    265 Sean Burroughs PROS
    266 Austin Kearns PROS
    267 Chin-Hui Tsao PROS
    268 Dewon Brazelton PROS
    269 J.D. Martin PROS
    270 Marlon Byrd PROS
    271 Joe Mauer FYP RC
    272 Jason Botts FYP RC
    273 Mauricio Lara FYP RC
    274 Jonny Gomes FYP RC
    275 Gavin Floyd FYP RC
    276 Alex Requena FYP RC
    277 Jimmy Gobble FYP RC
    278 Chris Duffy FYP RC
    279 Colt Griffin FYP RC
    280 Ryan Church FYP RC
    281 Beltran Perez FYP RC
    282 Clint Nageotte FYP RC
    283 Justin Schuda FYP RC
    284 Scott Hairston FYP RC
    285 Mario Ramos FYP RC
    286B Tom Seaver Mets RET
    286A Tom Seaver White Sox RET
    287B Hank Aaron Blue Jsy RET
    287A Hank Aaron White Jsy RET
    288 Mike Schmidt RET
    289A Robin Yount Blue Jsy RET
    289B Robin Yount P'stripes RET
    290 Joe Morgan RET
    291 Frank Robinson RET
    292A Reggie Jackson A's RET
    292B Reggie Jackson Yanks RET
    293A Nolan Ryan Astros RET
    293B Nolan Ryan Rangers RET
    294 Dave Winfield RET
    295 Willie Mays RET
    296 Brooks Robinson RET
    297A Mark McGwire A's RET
    297B Mark McGwire Cards RET
    298 Honus Wagner RET
    299A Sherry Magee REP
    299B Sherry Magie UER REP
    300 Frank Chance REP
    301A Joe Doyle NY REP
    301B Joe Doyle NY Nat'l REP
    302 John McGraw REP
    303 Jimmy Collins REP
    304 Buck Herzog REP
    305 Sam Crawford REP
    306 Cy Young REP
    307 Honus Wagner Blue REP
    308A A.Rodriguez Blue Jsy SP
    308B A.Rodriguez White Jsy
    309 Vernon Wells
    310A B.Bonds w/Elbow Pad
    310B B.Bonds w/o Elbow Pad SP
    311 Vicente Padilla
    312A A.Soriano w/Wristband
    312B A.Soriano w/o Wristband SP
    313 Mike Piazza
    314 Jacque Jones
    315 Shawn Green SP
    316 Paul Byrd
    317 Lance Berkman
    318 Larry Walker
    319 Ken Griffey Jr. SP
    320 Shea Hillenbrand
    321 Jay Gibbons
    322 Andruw Jones
    323 Luis Gonzalez SP
    324 Garret Anderson
    325 Roy Halladay
    326 Randy Winn
    327 Matt Morris
    328 Robb Nen
    329 Trevor Hoffman
    330 Kip Wells
    331 Orlando Hernandez
    332 Rey Ordonez
    333 Torii Hunter
    334 Geoff Jenkins
    335 Eric Karros
    336 Mike Lowell
    337 Nick Johnson
    338 Randall Simon
    339 Ellis Burks
    340A Sammy Sosa Blue Jsy SP
    340B Sammy Sosa White Jsy
    341 Pedro Martinez
    342 Junior Spivey
    343 Vinny Castilla
    344 Randy Johnson SP
    345 Chipper Jones SP
    346 Orlando Hudson
    347 Albert Pujols SP
    348 Rondell White
    349 Vladimir Guerrero
    350A Mark Prior Red SP
    350B Mark Prior Yellow
    351 Eric Gagne
    352 Todd Zeile
    353 Manny Ramirez SP
    354 Kevin Millwood
    355 Troy Percival
    356A Jason Giambi Batting SP
    356B Jason Giambi Throwing
    357 Bartolo Colon
    358 Jeremy Giambi
    359 Jose Cruz Jr.
    360A I.Suzuki Blue Jsy SP
    360B I.Suzuki White Jsy
    361 Eddie Guardado
    362 Ivan Rodriguez
    363 Carl Crawford
    364 Jason Simontacchi RC
    365 Kenny Lofton
    366 Raul Mondesi
    367 A.J. Pierzynski
    368 Ugueth Urbina
    369 Rodrigo Lopez
    370A N.Garciaparra One Bat SP
    370B N.Garciaparra Two Bats
    371 Craig Counsell
    372 Barry Larkin
    373 Carlos Pena
    374 Luis Castillo
    375 Raul Ibanez
    376 Kazuhisa Ishii SP
    377 Derek Lowe
    378 Curt Schilling
    379 Jim Thome Phillies
    380A Derek Jeter Blue SP
    380B Derek Jeter Seats
    381 Pat Burrell
    382 Jamie Moyer
    383 Eric Hinske
    384 Scott Rolen
    385 Miguel Tejada SP
    386 Andy Pettitte
    387 Mike Lieberthal
    388 Al Leiter
    389 Todd Helton SP
    390A Adam Dunn Bat SP
    390B Adam Dunn Glove
    391 Cliff Floyd
    392 Tim Salmon
    393 Joe Torre MG
    394 Bobby Cox MG
    395 Tony LaRussa MG
    396 Art Howe MG
    397 Bob Brenly MG
    398 Ron Gardenhire MG
    399 Mike Cuddyer PROS
    400 Joe Mauer PROS
    401 Mark Teixeira PROS
    402 Hee Seop Choi PROS
    403 Angel Berroa PROS
    404 Jesse Foppert PROS RC
    405 Bobby Crosby PROS
    406 Jose Reyes PROS
    407 Casey Kotchman PROS RC
    408 Aaron Heilman PROS
    409 Adrian Gonzalez PROS
    410 Delwyn Young PROS RC
    411 Brett Myers PROS
    412 Justin Huber PROS RC
    413 Drew Henson PROS
    414 Taggert Bozied PROS RC
    415 Dontrelle Willis PROS RC
    416 Rocco Baldelli PROS
    417 Jason Stokes PROS RC
    418 Brandon Phillips PROS
    419 Jake Blalock FYP RC
    420 Micah Schilling FYP RC
    421 Denard Span FYP RC
    422A J.Loney Red FYP RC
    422B J.Loney w/Sky FYP RC
    423A W.Bankston Blue FYP RC
    423B W.Bankston w/Sky FYP RC
    424 Jeremy Hermida FYP RC
    425 Curtis Granderson FYP RC
    426A J.Pridie Red FYP RC
    426B J.Pridie w/Sky FYP RC
    427 Larry Broadway FYP RC
    428A K.Greene Green FYP RC
    428B K.Greene Red FYP RC
    429 Joey Votto FYP RC
    430A B.Upton Grey FYP RC
    430B B.Upton w/People FYP RC
    431A S.Santos Gold FYP RC
    431B S.Santos Grey FYP RC
    432 Brian Dopirak FYP RC
    433 Ozzie Smith RET SP
    434 Wade Boggs RET SP
    435 Yogi Berra RET SP
    436 Al Kaline RET SP
    437 Robin Roberts RET SP
    438 Roberto Clemente RET SP
    439 Gary Carter RET SP
    440 Fergie Jenkins RET SP
    441 Orlando Cepeda RET SP
    442 Rod Carew RET SP
    443 Harmon Killebrew RET SP
    444 Duke Snider RET SP
    445 Stan Musial RET SP
    446 Hank Greenberg RET SP
    447 Lou Brock RET SP
    448 Jim Palmer RET
    449 John McGraw REP
    450 Mordecai Brown REP
    451 Christy Mathewson REP
    452 Sam Crawford REP
    453 Bill O'Hara REP
    454 Joe Tinker REP
    455 Nap Lajoie REP
    456 Honus Wagner Red REP

    I hope this helps!

  • msassinmsassin Posts: 1,524 ✭✭✭
    I've seemed to be hooked on the original buybacks lately. Someone who put a major collection together of buybacks a few years ago decided to sell recently. This eBay seller seems to have about 10 buybacks per week at a minimum if anyone is interested (I usually lose interest in bidding on his commons once they hit close to $40).

    Buybacks on eBay
  • I bought a series 2 box. The regular sized base cards aren't that great. I like the mini's though. The various backs are interesting. I'll probably try to put together a basic 525 mini set. Does anyone know the relative scarcity of the backs? From the post above polar bear would be the most common, and it was by far the most common in the box I have. Lenox and Drum would seem to be the rarest. Is there a definative rarity scale anywhere for the backs? Thanks for all the info guys.
  • I have the odds listed in my post above, I am doing the series 1 base set and the Team 206 set (minis would be too hard for me) and would trade my minis for the base cards I need.

    Just read where you bought the series 2, that wouldn't help me but I would still trade the minis you need.
  • samspopsamspop Posts: 1,939 ✭✭✭
    The mini backs are as follows:

    Series I
    Polar Bear: most common, no averages given
    Tolstoi Black: 4/box
    Tolstoi Red: 2/Box
    Cycle: 1/box
    Bazooka: Production run of 30

    Series II
    Polar Bear
    Piedmont Black: 4/box
    Piedmont Red: 2/box
    Carolina Brights: 1/box
    Drum: Production run of 20

    Series III
    Polar Bear
    Sweet Corporal Red: 2-3/box
    Sweet Corporal Blue or Black: 1-2/box
    Uzit: 1/box
    Lenox: Production run of 10
    American Beauty: Production run of 5

    I think I have the series broken up correctly. If anyone sees a problem, let me know.

    Blackborder....PM Sent

  • I am a collector of 2002 Topps 206. I have a massive collection of these cards. most of the information below is true. I've got an Excel spreadsheet of these if you'd like to see all possible cards.
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