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Beware of 2008 Scott Catalogue CD-ROM Editions!

Just got my copy of the 2008 U.S. Specialized Catalog on CD-ROM.

Compared to the 2007 version, this thing is an absolute MESS!.

They've implemented security features to prevent distribution, which is fine and certainly their right, but the process is convoluded and screwed up:

1. You have to install a third-party "FileLock" plugin before you can access any of the PDF content on the CD.

2. The installation process forces you to change your Adobe Reader or Acrobat preferences to allow installation of ALL uncertified plugins.

3. If you run into problems, and try to uninstall and then reinstall, you lose. The installation "key" printed on the tray card of the CD can only be accessed once as partof their online registration process. Any subsequent attempts to install the package, even on the same computer, fails.

4. Assuming you can get things loaded, printing is disabled. You can't even print single pages from the catalog for your own use!

I left an irate voicemail at Amos Advantage. If this is how the CD-ROM is supposed to function in their mind, this turd is going back. It's useless.


  • I'm glad I never even tried to use a PC based catalogue. Seems like a hassle especially if you are online and trying to check a specific #. Then again I haven't bought a Scott Spec since the 2004 edition. I do need to get a new one though but it will be the print edition. I find it much easier to use this with it sitting next to my computer(I have it on a sheet music stand so I can just turn the pages, works very well) Also it's silly to not be able to print off a page if you need it. I could copy a page in the print edition if I wanted to, so why not the disc version?
  • coinpicturescoinpictures Posts: 5,345 ✭✭✭

    The help file on the CD even alludes to printing pages, so WTF? Well, Amos Advantage called me back. Yes, they have locked it down so you cannot print anything; the help file on the disc was not updated. I explained to her that as a revenue collector only, the CD-ROM was great because I could print out only the revenue pages and take those with me to shows/dealers instead of having to lug around the whole tome. She said "Yes, there are a lot of people that loved (note the past tense) the CD because of that." She went on to say that because of piracy of the CD, they decided to make the pages nonprintable. I asked if that was the way all future volumes were going to be, and she said yes.

    I then explained that they had lost a customer, as a nonprintable version does me no good whatsoever. She was apologetic and they agreed to allow me to return the CD for a refund, despite all the disclaimers all over the web site and the CD packaging saying otherwise.

    I made a strong recommendation that they should state SOMEWHERE, either on the web site or on the back of the CD-ROM (preferably both) that pages of the catalog are NOT printable, so that people realize this before purchasing or opening the product.

    It would not surprise me if lost sales due to nonprintability of pages end up being as much as lost sales due to piracy. I don't think they have a clue on this one...
  • Pretty silly and like I mentioned before if you had a print edition you could copy any page you wanted, well I'm glad I have never had a desire to purchase a CD version. Actually since I mainly collect graded, I still use a 2004 edition, as the values are meaningless to me. Nice to have all the other info that is in the cat though.
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