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Neapolitan Province 1861 Red Inverted


I have a Neapolitan Province 1861 stamp colour red, 5G.

The embossed centre is inverted.

does anyone know anything about these as all I can find are details of the stamp with the centre the right way round, i.e not inverted.

Is it a fake, any ideas about value etc....

Any help appreciated as I don't know where else to look.


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    Bazza - Although that stamp does exist genuine with inverted head, 99.9% of what is around has fake head added. These can be told by examining the embossed details of the head. Probably not worth messing with but, if you want to post a 600 dpi scan of the head, I'll tell you.
    Richard Frajola
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    I just looked up this stamp that my children and I found in a book
    that belonged to my 88 year old father in laws MOTHER! He passed on 7 years ago
    God rest his soul.

    This is what I read about it:
    Most valuable stamps issued in the United States:
    Denomination: 1c
    Color: Blue green

    I will email pictures to anyone that wants to see it!
    I tried to download them here but it said my picture is to big?
    My email is inkyblueyes919@hotmail.com

    PLEASE give me any and all advice
    We are so nervous and Hoping for a miracle!
    We have a family of six and if this would mean what I think it could
    it would be such a answer to prayer!!!
    Thanks so much in advance!
    We make a living by what we get, WE MAKE A LIFE BY WHAT WE GIVE!
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    Thanks for the reply. I can't post a 600dpi scan of the stamp because when I try I get a message saying that 50kb is the maximum file size for an attachment. The scan is 253kb. Do you have any ideas?
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