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Any value in New or Modern stamps...?

BlackieBlackie Posts: 1,719 ✭✭✭
I was in the post office on Friday and I started thinking about old stamps I have saved. Is there any value in collecting these new stamps? Just curious...............
1964 Topps Football


  • Value in new stamps will remain at face for a long time and if a whole collection is sold, like
    taking a whole collection to a dealer, you will probably get less than face. And, in almost all
    cases, particularly the peel and stick, you can't even take them back to the post office and
    exchange them for face or other stamps. The exception would be a stamp that was mis-printed,
    i.e. color missing or 'better' yet not have the perfs put in the proper place or missing entirely. In
    which case you DO NOT want to exchange them. EFOs bring money.

    Non-issued stamps that have slipped out will also bring money. i.e. Yellow Hat H stamp.

    Any exception would be a stamp you would have to work and would probably be selling it/them to
    a non stamp collector. I put a sheet of Elvis Presly stamps in a Wal-Mart frame and gave it to my
    sep to sell at a trade days show. She did. Made the money back plus a dollor or something. So,
    she tried selling a commemorative sheet for the Civil War generals at a Civil War re-enactment. She
    still has them. BUT, she did sell 3 sets of the Confederate'/Union veteran 3cent stamps at 25C a pair.

    EFOs and a couple Yellow Hat H stamps

    EFO = Error, Freaks, & Oddities

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