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Plate Block Question

My father gave me a box of plate blocks to sell. I know nothing about stamps. Is there a place I can go that I will not get ripped off and can get fair value for them?

I do not know how to ID these and there are way to many to take detailed pictures of (for now at least). Any suggestions?
I'm building a 1968 and a 1970 Topps set. I have lots of 1970s and 1960s to offer in trade.


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    Gotta see at least a few. Are they a series? Most plate blocks are not worth more than face. I have a bunch of these too. I use most of them for postage, during the rate hikes. Are most of them 4 cent stamps?
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    KentuckyJKentuckyJ Posts: 1,871 ✭✭✭

    Plate block collecting is not what it once was. Very few plate blocks from the past several decades are worth any significant premium. As laceupboots said, most of them could probably be used for postage. Are there any good coin/stamp shops in your area? You could take your box of plate blocks there for some idea of their value. You might also buy a copy of the weekly newspaper Linn's Stamp News and take a look at some of the major dealer stamp buy ads. Without knowing exactly what you have it's difficult to say much more.


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    Many of them are .04

    There are also .03 and .02 stamps.

    I am guessing that I have a lot of nothing. Am I right?
    I'm building a 1968 and a 1970 Topps set. I have lots of 1970s and 1960s to offer in trade.
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    NO, you don't have a lot of nothing. Maybe.

    Closed auction

    If you have something like in this auction you have something. Also, if you can pick a 95-100 Jumbo out of one of your blocks you'll have something. You know,
    like laceup said a picture or 2 would be nice. And, most here can identify your stamps just by knowing the denomination, color, main 'item' on the stamp.

    It doesn't sound too promising on the upside.

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    You might check with your local library and see if they have a Scott's U.S. Specialized catalogue. The Scott's catalogue will give you an idea about the time frame the stamps were issued. If they are common plate blocks, the value should be about double face value and if it substantially higher, then you might want to do further research.

    If your library does not have the catalogue, you can go to www.stamps.org and look under clubs and societies for a stamp club in your area. Most club members are always willing to help identify stamps and they will give you an approximate value.

    Most probably they will tell you to use the stamps for postage, but you never know.
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