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Are these worth buying?

Below is the link for ebay. Are these worth buying? I'm not a big collector, but my dad is and I didn't know if it was worth the money. What do you guys think?

Pre-1940's stamps...

Any advise would be helpful. Thanks guys!


  • These look like the stamps I use to get from the Mystic stamp company when I was a kid, you know....Cost like a dollar for S&H and they sent you free stamps, plus approvals. Without seeing them in person I wouldn't buy them. Your dad probably already has most of them. Just my 2 cents. image
  • I agree with laceupboots. There is a variety that's rare that's red, but most can't spot it, me included.
  • They are not worth the starting price and it should be a crime for the bin price. There might be 1 cents worth of stuff there. As Jerry mentioned, there could be a rare one, but thats like buying a lot of wheat cents hoping to find the 09-S VDB, 14-D, or 22 plain cent; not going to happen.
  • From what I gather this person doesn't know too much about stamps. I've been communicating with him all day. Is there anything I can ask him to see if one of them is rare? Thanks!
  • If the seller is not knowledgeable about stamps, then it will be nearly impossible to have him identify the scarce ones and I'm sure he would catch one and remove it from the lot. If you are set on that lot, offer him a $1.41. You would probably still lose out on the deal, but not as much as the $7+ starting price. The description does not mention how many stamps nor can you even see all of them. If you go to a stamp store, most sell these types of items by the pound and it would only cost a few bucks.
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