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Not a stamp collector, need some help with these.

Looking for some information on these stamps. They were my fathers. General info and pricing would be helpful.

Thanks, Brian

Stamp #1

Stamp #2

Stamp #3


  • Don't give up on us! Where's Richard at...lol

  • Not much going on over here is there? Can anybody here give me a hand?
  • LouisCampLouisCamp Posts: 468 ✭✭✭
    First item #C18, worth $30/60 depending on if NH

    Second & third #620-621 catalog value $63 hinged / $124 NH.


    ANA Life-Member
  • LouisCampLouisCamp Posts: 468 ✭✭✭
    NH = never hinged = gum is pristine as when issued
    hinged = mounted usually by a glassine hinge to an album page.

    ANA Life-Member
  • Totally awesome stamps. While the first and third stamps don't look well centered the second block of stamps look well centered for all four stamps.
  • The C18 also has a nickname...'babyzep'

    The 1st blk of 4 is nice except for the stain...bottom right stamp, top, to the left in the margin. Hopefully it's something else not on the stamp. I wonder what the top right would grade seperately.

    The 2nd blk of 4 just has bad centering and is just a bummer. I bought lots of blocks like that when I didn't know what the deal was.


  • Probably an 85 or 90 on top right stamp.
  • Jerry - I don't think Brian wants to hear my opinion on his stamps. None are nice enough to be worth cost of grading.

    The #C18, 50c Zepp probably has gum creases (from a close look at left frameline towards bottom). If not, and hinged original gum: $35, if never hinged ..... $100. If gum creases, subtract 20% at least.

    The #620, 2c Norse American block, if never hinged: $30, hinged $15; the 5c block (#621): if never hinged, $30, hinged $10.

    I just recently quit using the 2c Norse American as postage and sent out my scrap and sold for about $1 a stamp average (all never hinged).

    PS - if you sell on ebay, give 200 dpi scans, not photos, and include images of front and back of each item. Start low and they will bring what they are worth.
    Richard Frajola
  • bstat1020bstat1020 Posts: 2,151 ✭✭
    I welcome any opinions on these stamps. I am not interested in selling these or grading these at all, but is nice to know what I have. I have no knowledge of stamps whatsoever, my main concentration is coins.

    I have several other stamps, but I thought these were the nicest looking. The others are canceled out, I will try to post pictures of those on Monday.

    Thanks for you opinions so far.

    I just looked up this stamp that my children and I found in a book
    that belonged to my 88 year old father in laws MOTHER! He passed on 7 years ago
    God rest his soul.

    This is what I read about it:
    Most valuable stamps issued in the United States:
    Denomination: 1c
    Color: Blue green

    I will email pictures to anyone that wants to see it!
    I tried to download them here but it said my picture is to big?
    My email is inkyblueyes919@hotmail.com

    PLEASE give me any and all advice
    We are so nervous and Hoping for a miracle!
    We have a family of six and if this would mean what I think it could
    it would be such a answer to prayer!!!
    Thanks so much in advance!
    We make a living by what we get, WE MAKE A LIFE BY WHAT WE GIVE!
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