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Giveaway Time.....Celebrating 1000 Posts.....a nice circulated Barber Half....***NEW WINNER ANNOUNCE

To celebrate 1000 posts, and give back a little bit to these forums - which have enhanced my enjoyment of the hobby immensely - I'm giving away a nice raw, circulated, 1915-S Barber half. The coin is housed in an eagle holder and grades about F-15 (a little shy of VF). The coin will be a nice addition to someone working on a F/VF Barber half set. Good Luck!

The Rules:
- Only one thread per person
- On Monday morning, at 7:00 AM (Eastern Time), on September 24th (my birthday....I'm turning 52), my son will guess a number from 1 thru whatever the total reply count is at that time. The person with that exact reply positioning wins......pretty simple.

Edited to Add: ***Reply #1 is the FIRST thread AFTER my thread, UnknownComic is reply #1***

Edited to Add (10/16/07):
***The NEW Winner is RIFFRAFF1967*** Congratulations to the winner. Please PM me with your name and address so that I can send you the coin ASAP.

Thanks to all that participated and for all the well wishes for my birthday and for reaching 1000 posts.




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