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New USED Registry sets

Nick Kirke just put several of his used graded sets on the Registry so if any of you want to see what are probably the best graded used sets on the planet take a look..


  • Hey edueku, need a little help. What exactly are they....need to know which section. Thanks,

  • KentuckyJKentuckyJ Posts: 1,871 ✭✭✭

    New PSE sets

    You can always find what is recently new or updated at the above link.


  • Also I had the 1898 Regular Issues and Special Delivery set in Used added to the Registry. I have some decent partial sets. Check em' out!
  • Nick Kirkes sets will probably dominate the used stamps sets for a long time (if not forever) He is having trouble with posting on this forum(he is new) as well as adding sets to the registry of late. If anyone experienced here(in at least the forum) can offer advice his email address is listed with his used sets that are currently online in the registry.
  • What do you mean he is having trouble posting here? You mean he can't get on?

  • Nick Kirke (a friend and client who visited Taos last month) is a Brit now living in Czechoslovakia and depends on his Czech partner, Kamila, to assist him with computer stuff. He posts frequently on my board but not much elsewhere I think.
    Richard Frajola
  • Richard, Maybe you can help him. I invited him to post on this forum but he has had trouble. I told him there wasn't a lot of activity here though. Have you taken a look at all of his new sets on the PSE registry? It's nice to see a high grade complete (or mostly) on there now.
  • edueku - I have seen the stamps but not the registry set on PSE. Personally, I like his New York Foreign Mails material (but, you already knew that I bet).
    Richard Frajola
  • Yes I saw the photos of all of his stamps on your board a time back. But it's nice to see them ranked on the registry(which they are No.1 in almost all categories)
    I haven't seen his NYFM stuff although I have figured that is one of his other main interests.
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