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Nutmeg Sale #153

Anyone win anything in this sale? If so have you gotten your lots yet. I know it takes a while with auction firms though. I called nearly 2 weeks ago(11 days actually) with my CC info and the amount has still not been withdrawn from my account. Makes me wonder how long it will take for them to actually mail the stuff. The person I spoke to said they"should" be mailing out Friday(Aug 31st) but since technically they haven't been paid for, I'm wondering.


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    I won one lot in sale #153, paid by check, check has cleared my bank, have yet to see the stamp. I am NOT holding my breath waiting for their delivery, based upon my past Nutmeg experiences. Molasses flows faster than Nutmeg.

    What has irritated me immensely was Nutmeg taking well over six weeks to make a simple refund on a stamp I had to return to them due to their having erroneously described the stamp, in glowing terms, as PSE OG NH. When my auction win finally arrived I found the PSE cert clearly stating the stamp was previously hinged. This was the second time I had discovered I won something from a Nutmeg auction based on a gross error in the Nutmeg auction lot description. Geez. I hate sloppy work in auction listings. I also hate deliberate deception. I've assumed Nutmeg is the former, rather than the latter, but I've only bid in four of their auctions and can't yet say I really know they have integrity.

    My problem now is that Nutmeg does auction some nice material and it often sells well below what major PSE retail dealers would offer it at. I've been fairly serious about working on my PSE registry sets. I'm sorry to say I think maybe I need Nutmeg stamps more than Nutmeg needs me.


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    Arrived today. What a pleasant surprise!


  • Well I emailed them yesterday and they told me my account/card information had been declined. Would've been nice if they would have given me a call or an email telling me they had a problem. Monday will be 2 weeks since I called in my original info. So now I have to wait til' Monday just to call/resend my info so who knows how long before I actually get the stamps. BTW what did you win in the #153? I won #222 90 Used
    #280 95 Used
    #408 98 Used
    #414 95J Used
    #414 90J Used
    Their next sale only has a few decent graded used................
    I have sold all of my MNH graded and am just collecting Used, now I just need to sell my OG graded , well maybe on Ebay............
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    > Would've been nice if they would have given me a call or an email telling me they had a problem.

    Why am I not surprised to hear this? What is the matter with Nutmeg? I was extremely angry with them when they were not refunding my money for what was their auction error. I e mailed Sandy in Accounts Receivable... I've never received my refund check. I'm losing patience with Nutmeg. I won one lot in this weekends auction. I will withhold payment until I see my refund from the prior auction. I suggest, if it hasn't yet been mailed, you should express mail this check to me immediately. I will not wait much longer before finding it necessary to file formal complaints against Nutmeg with appropriate philatelic, government and business authorities.

    Unfortunately, I can't say this lit a fire underneath them. Sandy said they were sorry and that my check had been mailed out to me on X date but when I finally received it from them the Nutmeg postmark was three days after the date when she said it had been mailed.

    > BTW what did you win in the #153?

    LOL. One of those Pop 1 PSE Gem OG NH where people look at you and say "you paid X for that? Well, I can go down to my local stamp shop and get as many as I want for .60¢ each!"


  • Well hopefully I won't have that many problems, sounds like there understaffed for the amounts of money they are taking in. I will call tommorrow and see what happens.
    I paid over 9X the SMQ value for the #280 95, if that makes you feel any better(that's a tough stamp though). To the people who can can get as many gems as they want at the local stamp shop for 60c each I always say,"Bring them to me and I'll give you $1.20 each, that will double your money." What's even funnier is when these guys(usually the same ones that think you can,as a rule, buy the same quality for 60c in quantity) try to submit stamps and end up with 70's and 80's on those 60c stamps. Then they say, "I was undegraded, these are 'superb,for the issue.'" I have submitted close to 300 stamps and have only gotten 4 100's (maybe 5) and maybe 30 98's. Of course I didn't expect them to all grade that high but it just goes to show how tough those high grades are(even more so now)
    Currently I have some partial graded sets on the registry. I'm doing OK on the
    1890's regular issue used
    1902-3 regular issue used
    My Columbian set is only 2 stamps but one is a #232 98 (highest used)
    Also got a couple new sets added of the Washington Franklin types.
    Currently I'm waiting to hear back about the Special Delivery set Used being added
    and hopefully the 1898 regular issue(which I'm surprised isn't already listed)
    Wow, decent graded used (other than the 1 and 2c denominations) are really hard to find and are nowhere near the SMQ values when you do.
    I think they may overtake even some MNH examples in value someday especially if encapsulation becomes the predominant mode of collecting graded.
    Anyway I've yabbered enough.
    Have any sets on the registry?
    BTW I'm always looking for used graded pre-#551(generally)
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    > decent graded used (other than the 1 and 2c denominations) are really hard to find

    I like your idea although I haven't moved in that direction yet in my stamp collecting. I have gone there in coins and currency. Finding really nice PCGS AU 58's, 58 PPQ in currency, is every bit as satisfying as capturing high grade uncirculated gems.


  • Called Nutmeg this morning (like 2 min ago) supposedly lots wil be shipped today or tommorrow. We shall see.
    I have fun with the registry sets although it was like pulling teeth to get new Used sets listed that were not already listed. For some time I had to email Mike Sherman to try to get stuff listed. Very nice guy. Seems things are working smoother now.
    So finding Almost Uncirculated coins is akin to graded used? Hmmm never thought of that. I collected coins off and on since I was a young kid. Never got serious enough to have anything slabbed though. I metal-detected for several years and had a lot of fun digging up old coins and tokens as well as other oddball items. Wish I had more time or some good spots to look around here in my small town. I do hit any spot where an old building has been torn down or old sidewalk is being replaced. Amazing what you can find. I've never found anything incredibly valuable..
    I'll keep you posted on when my lots arrive.
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