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My Icebreaker Giveaway -- And the Winners Is....

The last three digits if the cert is 691. Congrats goes out to:

jobiwan115 image with a guess of 673. A PM is on its way to you jobiwan115!

Thanks to everyone for entering and hope it fun for all.


I been hanging around this group for a couple of weeks now and would like to formally introduce myself and break the ice, as it were, with a little giveaway.

My name is Ken and I've been collecting coins on and off for over 10 years. I don't have a particular speciality, I just pick up whatever is nice for a good price. My collection is made up of mostly PCGS, NGC, and ANACS graded coins, plus some raw coins. I also have pre-1964 OBW rolls.

I also collect unused early 19th and 20th century US stamps, signed memorabilia, particularly presidential signed items, and Roman, Greek, and Egyptian artifacts.

I've gleaned a trove of useful information from this group and am very thankful for the many experts who are here.

So....here's the giveaway:
    1 - PCGS PR69RD DCAM 1985-S proof cent.
    1 - 1956 BU Quarter (suitable for grading) from an OBW that I opened last night.
Here's some photos to whet your appetite:



Now here's how to enter: Reply to this thread and guess the LAST THREE digits of the PCGS cert number of the proof cent. For those who don't know, these are the numbers to the right of the slash. Entry is open to everyone. Whoever comes closest without going over the number wins, if everyone is over, then the closest number over wins. If for some reason there are two people who have picked the same winning number, the person who posted first will be the winner. Postage of course will be paid by me.

I'll announce the winner's name on Labor Day at 8PM EDT.

Good luck and have fun!

Only one guess per person please!


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