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What's hot?

Spoke to a dealer recently that said they were looking to buy Germany and British Commonwealth.
Is this "generally" true of the hobby now?


  • Durmex, the simple answer is yes. Dig around in some of the auctions on SAN I'm finding all countries are hot. Sounds like a too broad of an answer, but look for yourself. You'll also see the type...meaning age and quality...of stamps the dealer is talking about. Also, Regency's StampHall is a good place to judge the collector's market on these. I can't find any countries classics that don't have strong prices.

    I'm really surprised at all the African countries. The colonials and early years of independence for all the countries have strong prices. I recently looked at early Russian, associated pseudos, and early Eastern Europen-including Albania-and I was really surprised what I found. And, every auction I've looked at with covers being sold has been really strong. Doesn't matter where from or what category. I've never paid much attention to covers until board member 'covers' started posting here. Covers are exciting and just seem to tell more of a story. Also, EFO's, especially stamps whose issue has been cancelled but already printed and a few slipping out. Find a German yanked Audrey Hepburn stamp in a junk box of on paper foreign mix and you'll be very happy! The Hepburn estate protested the stamp because it showed her smoking.

    Non-philatelic stamps like revenues are also strong.

    Here's a couple auction's watch for what you asked about.

    Wurttembergisches Aug 31-Sep 1, German colonies, German states....Held in Stuttgart

    Spink Sep 20, British Empire stamps and covers...Held in London

    I bet we see strong prices from these auctions being held in their respective countries as well.

  • Durmex - Why worry about what is "hot" really? If you want to invest in stamps for the short-term, you are probably in the wrong hobby. Stamps and covers have value in the journeys they take your imagination to. The more you know, the more that statement will ring true. A Pony Express cover that I recently examined here gave me pleasure in researching for several months (before it was sold for $450,00 - I was underbidder for a client).

    To your question, the best broad area right now, and as it has been for 30 years, is great quality, rare, pre-1860 material of the world. Other than that, areas get hot and die in an endless cycle. Often promoters have a vested interest in what they are claiming is hot.
    Richard Frajola
  • Thank you both for a lot of good info !
  • Graded is hot!
  • Really!!!!!
  • Really!!!!!!!!!!!
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