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Anything NEW happening around here lately?

Dropped off the forums due to being very busy with work plusgoing through a "dry spell" with collecting. Kind of lost interest there for a few days. Came back, don't see many new topics on here. Don't really know how much time I'll be spending on my collection in the near future. College classes starting back for the fall, state fair is in town for the next couple of weeks, vacation coming up in about a month....hmmm


  • Welcome back. Not many stamp collectors left apparently!
  • The main problem is that it takes a crowd to draw a crowd. There are a couple other boards that are more active than this one. Check board member 'covers' sigline.

  • Jerry - Thanks for the plug. Actually the big news of the day is that Spinks has purchased Shreve. Their news report is here..
    Richard Frajola
  • KentuckyJKentuckyJ Posts: 1,871 ✭✭✭

    > the big news of the day is that Spinks has purchased Shreve. Their news report is here..

    Wow! That is news. Thanks for posting the link image I was just about to post the thought maybe Heritage should buy Shreves if they wanted to get into the stamp area.


  • Jerry
    I'm sure there are. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I hate to see our forum slipping into oblivion while the coin forums are hopping with new people! What is it with stamp collectors? Don't they use the internet or use forums like this? I tried the coin forums once but there's so much hot air over there I couldn't stand it! I quit coins basically because of the rampant greed in the hobby. Stamps seem much more mellow, I really prefer the company over here...image
  • I don't know what the deal is with this forum. I actually joined in Mar of 04 using UncleWiggly. This place was deader then than it is now. But, I remember doing a search through the archives and it looked as though this forum was quite busy at one time. Since you joined in Dec 04 you might have seen this forum deteriorate into the doormat of the CU forums. I actually thought I was going to get booted for some of the things I started doing to try and get the abuse to stop. Well, it is boring around here, but at least it's still here!

  • I stop by once in a while.....
  • All the way from Indiana?

    I hope laceupboots and birdies haven't gone bye bye. It's nice having a couple Ladies among us. I'm going to put up a --topics out of Linn's thread--

  • Yes the hoosier state...
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