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Hello all, I have some stamps that I want to send to PSE but im not sure if im identifing the stamps correctly. I may have Scott # 316, 318 and 125 all are used. Ive taken the 125 to a local stamp shop and was told to send it in to have it expertized by PSE. As you all know its expensive to send these stamps in. I cant afford $500 (each stamp) unless i absolutly had to.. Any advice from people that have sent stamps in before would be helpfull.. Thanks


  • wow! lucky you! Hope it works out.

    The only time (first and last, I'll bet) that I was in that situation, I used a credit card to pay the fixed fee, put a question mark in the estimated value field (or whatever) and sent it in. That way, they could just charge the card either way. Too bad it wasn't what I thought. Anybody interested in a mint block of 4 U.S. #634 'dark carmine'? Comes with a PSE cert and everything. ;-)

  • dougwtxdougwtx Posts: 566 ✭✭
    If you can take a decent and clear pic of the stamps, the APS has a service called QuickID. Only cost is very minimal to non-members, around $15 or so, and even cheaper for members. It takes a few weeks, but basically you upload your photo to the area on their site, and they will "ID" it for you if possible. They may not be able to ID all from a photo, but its worth a shot.
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