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Does anyone know if PSE has any guideline/recommendation/policy about using SMQ values when trying to sell ungraded items? I've seen an increase in the use of this tactic in online listing, and was just wondering.



  • This has been going on for a while online. Some of it is(or was) really blatant. For example one guy would put "XF-Superb 95" in his description and then say you could request a graded cert since the stamp was NOT actually graded. There is a current seller on Ebay who likes to get the word "grade" in all of his descriptions,so anyone searching for REAL graded stamps, runs into his 70 items that actually say "Scott grade" meaning they are not graded, but self graded( with the Scott Valueing Supplement, which I find useless, other than for selling to the unwary). Then there's the guy that quotes "SMQ value $500"(for a 98 that is) and then shows a stamp with VF or worse centering and/or obvious faults. The Stamp Market Quarterly states," Because a dealer or another expertizing service has graded a particular stamp "XF" does not mean that it is worth the XF price shown in this guide. The prices listed herein are for PSE graded stamps." Personally I don't think that sellers (i.e. Ebay) should be allowed to refer to PSE or SMQ as a selling tactic unless they guarantee the grade/value they are quoting or implying. That will never happen, as most stamps that quote grades are usually at least 1 to 3 grades off if they were to be submitted. It is akin to putting an obvious fake or faulty stamp up for sale and then quoting the Scott "VF" value, but this goes on all the time, although sometimes this is unintentional. By the way welcome to the board! I don't post much on here LATELY as it has been fairly inactive l. But I am always up for discussions related to grading.

  • Thanks for the reply (and the welcome)! The kind of practices that you mentioned are also those that I find really irritating. I particularly like the xf superb gems out there. What the heck does that mean? Is that an xf superb gem as compared to your regular old average superb gem?

    I don't hang out on eBay much anymore, but no place is immune, as far as I can tell. This seller on SW drives me crazy.


    I really like the part "This BEAUTY has two small thins, otherwise Sound and faultless example !!!"

    This from a APS member who, when asked for the PSE grade of the item or a scan of the cert, doesn't even bother to reply.

    I stopped collecting in the 80's and only recently resumed. In my opinion, grading has accomplished at least one thing. Average collectors can no longer afford to buy vf/xf etc material. Not talking about recent but for example U.S. classics pre-1920. Certifications are fine and often desirable, but grading I can do without.

    Hope the activity picks up here. Thanks again.
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