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Old internal Revenue Help please

Hi there,i discussed with coinpictures on his inverted pic about this stamp.
Im not sure if its rare & worth abit.Can any of you please help with some info about
it.im putting 2 pics 1st of the front & 2nd of the signature on the back.It could be
just junk but as doug said to me in my 1st ever message i posted here,that All stamps
have a value,just depends on what people want to pay.(or something along those lines ,lol)


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    coverscovers Posts: 624
    New Zealand Dude - Your stamp is cut out from larger piece of fiscal apper. It is revenue stamped paper (revenue stamps were printed onto various documents, checks, etc). Your example, circa 1870, with Madison portrait is listed in Scott catalog as #RN-Q1 and has a catalog value of $20 as a cut square (complete document is $150). With the condition problems, your copy worth about $5.
    Richard Frajola
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