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Reputable and affordable authenticators?

I have a $1 Silver Certificate which belongs to my landlord that is signed by both Richard Nixon and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Upon showing pictures by email to a local autograph company I was told that they were not authentic. I want to sell the note for him but would need to get it authenticated first. The fees at PSA/DNA are $175 ($100 for Eisenhower and $75 for Nixon). That is prohibitively expensive based on the estimated value should they be real.

I see other authentication companies on the web which are less expensive but I am not familiar with their reputations. Can anyone suggest a company which is more affordable yet reputable enough to be widely accepted in the marketplace. Thanks!


  • alifaxwa2alifaxwa2 Posts: 3,091 ✭✭✭
    Your not going to get much cheaper if you want a reputable company. But you can try www.spenceloa.com , they may be cheaper.

    Or, consign it to an auction house and they will have there in-house authenticators look at and if they deem it real, would allow you to sell it through them.
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  • ToneloverTonelover Posts: 1,554
    Thanks for the response, much appreciated.
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