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Jamestown Issue supply low

According to Linn's Stamp News dated June 25th, the Settlement of Jamestown issue stamp was removed from the USPs website in early June. According to a USPS spokesperson, the supply of this stamp is very low. To quote "Some Post Offices still have them but for the most part they are gone." I fortunately saved one sheet and have half another that I haven't used yet. Am still able to buy the Star Wars stamps at my local PO(bought one today). Looks like this issue was more popular than postal officials anticipated. Hang on to your sheets of this one, there probably won't be anymore. Fortunately some of the sheet that got used was for SASE I got back in used condition. What do you think? Were there just not enough printed or are people buying and sitting on em? Just curious......image


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    KentuckyJKentuckyJ Posts: 1,871 ✭✭✭

    I don't see the point of sitting on a sheet, for investment purposes. You are right they appear to be in short supply. I tried to buy a sheet yesterday but no luck. My local (NY) USPS said they haven't been able to get a new supply. I would have used them for postage. I think the triangle design is interesting.


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    I agree with you, I think they are nice to use on letters. Too bad there weren't more to be had, it's one of the newer issues I really thought were pretty and interesting. image
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    Probably still produced in quantities that will show up in the secondary market quite frequently. Most of this new stuff even when limited is still fairly common if one really looks for it. i still have a Pan Am Expo invert sheet. I bought about 30 sheetsa when they first came out and they are still easy to find but everyone tries to get 3X face value since they were so cheap. I wish the USPS would print more low cost sheets like that. I wish they had done Jamestown re-issues. That wouldn't have netted them much profit though for the expense of printing. It's amazing how much $ they could make by re issueing some of the early stamps as limited collector editions. These would probably see the appreciation that the ugly silver bullion coins the US mint has put out. Anyone else think those collector coins are nowhere near the artistic quality of the early coins issued to use as actual money?!
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