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Stamps with letters instead of values

When postal rates are about to change, the PO prints stamps with letters in lieu of values. Does anybody have a handy source to find what these were? I have some "F" stamps and want to use them.
How 'bout them DAWGs!


  • quarterlvrquarterlvr Posts: 84 ✭✭

    The "F" series stamps are basically worth 29 cents each, so if ya want to use them, you will have to make up the difference in postage between now and then. The USPS finally stopped the practice of letters for makeup rate stamps after the H rate stamp. The idea of an "I" rate stamp obviously wasn't humorous to them. I thought it would have been cute, but they apparently don't have a sense of humor about such things. imageimage
  • I suppose they were concerned that they'd run out of letters as often as they jack up rates.
    How 'bout them DAWGs!
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