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OG registered sets using NH stamps

I am trying to assemble several sets of OG stamps for the registry. I am not sure how I feel about allowing NH stamps to be included. A person could have the finest set of OG stamps available but that set would be knocked out by someone who found a better NH item to include in their set and best yours. I currently have a zep set graded all 98's. Anyone with a NH zep could enter it and have the best OG set with 1 or 2 NH's. If you look at the special delivery OG sets, some have a lot more than the 50% max that is supposed to be allowed. I am currently looking to buy the highest rated OG airmail in a set. None grades better. But what is the point, all anyone has to do is get a better NH and my OG set is bumped. Whats the rationale........If I have a set of 10 NH but need an OG to complete, I can't use it. Why the other way around. The worst that could happen is that you may not be able to complete an OG set until a nise OG shows up. Whats the big deal about that? A lot of registered sets are not complete.


  • I have never even thought about mixed OG sets. I figured a set was either NH or OG. Seems like it would be confusing to rate which set is better since the individual stamps in a set usually already have specific values assigned to each as to importance to the overall rating. Mixing nh and og seems even more confusing.
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